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Aug 23, 2011

Trails, trails..lots of pictures!

5 miles on the schedule today --- ended up doing 8 since it was so nice outside!  Great day for a run!!!  Nice and cool!


So we had the fortunate experience to hike several trails while on vacation.  This is just one of them and my favorite one.  I highly recommend it and would love to go back to just hike the trails again.

The first trail we did was a 5 mile trek but ended up being 6 miles from all the wandering.  This trail is at the Tahquamenon Falls State Park between the lower falls and the upper falls.  Enjoy!

My new favorite sign!

Trail Map

Lower falls

Lower falls - can also go on boats on an island


more lower falls

lower falls

lower falls

creeks all throughout the trail

same creek

boardwalk on trail

Notice my water pack - got lots of use

Little Prayer

Another creek

lower falls close up

lower falls close

observation by lower falls

lower falls

dump into lower falls

lower falls even closer


very powerful huh?

Up the river

tree roots and rocks on trail were very common

next to the river

on the trail; there is one right?

another creek

more roots on trail

tree next to trail

more roots

makeshift steps on trail

bridge on trail(sort of)

Yes, that is steps from nature

More steps on trail(amazing huh?)

Crazy how the trees grow!

another creek

single track with bees - wife did not like that

calm river

single track

That is a tree that fell over - huge!

trail? Yup!

manmade stairs on trail

more river

lots of fallen trees

crazy huge tree roots

Looks like a beaver got this tree

more single track

Yes, this is the trail still

At upper falls on manmade steps(110 of them)

Upper falls from afar

Upper falls

Having a great time!

Upper falls closer

Upper falls from above

Observatory near the upper falls

50,000 gallons per minute over falls

Pennies for wishes, look at them shine!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the trail as much as I enjoyed hiking it.  When you first see the falls, they are breathtaking and I have been to Niagara Falls.  Being close makes for a much more dramatic impact on you - in my opinion.

Here's the hike we did on the Garmin map.  I didn't use it for every hike but thought it would be fun to try on this one:

441 feet of elevation gain and 292 feet of elevation loss for the 6 mile trip plus over a couple hundred steps

I used the Treksta Evolution II trail shoes for all the hikes/runs that week and will have a review in the next week or so on them.

I'll post the waterfalls we saw near Pictured Rocks on another post.  I think that's enough pictures for today, don't you think?  Haha!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. oh my gosh, I love that first pic. The scenery looks gorgeous! I hope you had a great trip.

  2. That is beautiful! What a great place to hike!

  3. Gorgeous! What a great trip!

    Have you ever checked out the Trail Atlas of Michigan? It's a rather large book but includes all the non-motorized trails in the state. Maps, tips, all you need to know. (shameless plug, my Dad writes the book, but I think you'd like it)

  4. Beautiful. Great place to hike.

  5. The first lower falls pic was my favorite - what an amazing place!

  6. Lisa - I'll look into it - it sounds great!

  7. Awesome pictures! I would love to go hiking in those trails!