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Aug 4, 2011

Running waivers for races.....

4 miles on the schedule today....actually did about 4.5 miles.  Much cooler out this morning but I can't wait to start running in the 60's again.


Unfortunately, I read today that a college kid in Rochester Hills(the community right next to me) got hurt at the Warrior Dash in Michigan and is now paralyzed.  Hopefully not permanently paralyzed.  Here's the link to the article about it.  I don't know him but let's give some prayers that he recovers.  My number one goal for this race was to NOT get hurt.  I personally think this really should not be a timed event to get it out of people's mind to go fast(or do something stupid).

He dove into the mud pit.  The waiver you sign before the race specifically says that you will not dive into the mud pit.  You also have to initial the form about 25 times for other things.  This brings up a big controversy.  Is the race company at fault for what happens to people at races and should they change things because of this?  My opinion is no it is not their fault and they should not change anything.

Someone died at the Detroit Marathon last year - does that mean we should change the distance of the race?  Should we have our blood pressure checked at check in?  Would there be limitations due to being overweight?  When people sign up for these mud events or even just regular races, they are taking a risk.  There is always risk in life.  Personally I think I'm taking more risk by sitting on the couch daily and not exercising than I am by running a marathon.  Shit happens.  It's unfortunate but bad things happen to good people sometime.

Now the waiver most of us sign is your typical legal language that limits liability of the race and people involved in that race.  You are doing a race that you know you might get hurt so if you are uncomfortable with not doing something, don't do it.  Now when I was at the Warrior Dash on Sunday, I did not hear the announcer say "dive in" by the mud pits like some people say they heard but frankly, I'm an adult.  I know what my limitations are and I don't care who is saying what to me - I'm doing what I'm comfortable doing.  I'm sure this is one reason that when you do the Warrior Dash, you still get your medal at the end of the race even if you skipped some of the obstacles.  It helps limit their liability again. There is also talk about adding a wall in front of the mud pit so you would not be able to dive into it.  Probably not a bad idea because why take a chance?  Bad publicity is never a good thing.  I believe there were about 20,000 people there this weekend for this race so odds are you will not get seriously hurt.

So check out the waiver we had to sign(click to read details).  What do you think?  I think they cover themselves well pretty well here.  They know people get hurt and there is danger in this race.  That's why they have an ambulance crew at every big race I have been do - just in case.  Frankly, that's the excitement of it, isn't it?  To live life on the edge?  Ok, not sure if Warrior Dash is living on the edge but you can see my point.

Now before you leave comments, I don't want people to think I'm a heartless SOB.  It's very sad what happened to this kid and I truly do hope he recovers.  People just need to think before they get caught up in the moment at races.  I can see how easy it would be to do.  I just think there's nobody to blame and you hate to get a crafty lawyer involved and start changing things at races.

Here's the professional photo's from the Warrior Dash.  Hilarious. Unfortunately the pictures are $20 just for a digital file.  I probably will not buy one.  The only one I would consider is the first one jumping over the fire.  Look how dirty I am!  That's mud on my hands, legs, shoes, shorts.....  Haha!


More mud from the mud pit

My friend P, so happy she's done!

I'm happy too!

At the beginning.

Question of the day?  Have you ever been hurt at a race?

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. I LOVE the professional photos. If my marathon pics were that awesome, I'd probably consider buying them.

    I'm with you on the race waivers. If the race is particularly dangerous it might be a good idea to have more people monitoring the different parts of the event, but people should know what they're getting into.

  2. OMG that first fire picture has got to be the best race picture ever! I feel the same as you do about the safety thing. You (as a participant) know going into it that there are certain risks. The race company can't be responsible for someone not using common sense. If it were a pool of water 1 foot deep, NO ONE would dive into it. You just know better. I hate that the guy got hurt but it certainly is not the fault of the race.

    Karen @ working it out...

  3. I absolutely LOVE that first photo!!!

  4. Personally, I think people need to just "suck it up buttercup" - and take resopnsibility for their choices.

    We all know that life is dangerous, you can (Afterall) have a heart attack while sitting on the couch. When you make a choice to go head first into anything - there is a risk that YOU chose to take, and even someone else telling you to do it - shouldn't make it their fault.

    I do hope the runner makes a recovery, but really? He has no one to "blame"but himself, and getting too caught up.

  5. I love the first picture. I wish race pics weren't so expensive.

    I hope that guy recovers, but I think he got too caught up in the adrenaline of the race. People need to take responsibility for their actions (and their lack of). But, the way the legal system goes - it's like getting burned by hot coffee - whose fault is it?

  6. I have wondered when someone would be seriously injured in one of these races as it seemed like it would only be a matter of time. I sure hope this guy recovers. If he dove in and was specifically told not to, then I would say that the company is not at fault, but who knows.

    Great pics!!!

  7. I love that pic of you jumping over the fire. So cool!

  8. Love that jumping pic. A couple of months ago, I was not able to run the Mud Run. I was going to give my bib to another woman, but then I got to thinking about the waiver and the type of run this was. What if she got hurt? I’m sure I would be liable some way. So, I decided not to give her my bib. I felt bad, but I didn’t want something to happen.

    Hopefully, that boy heals quickly. :(

  9. Your fire pictures are awesome! The fire was the only obstacle that I skipped... there was ankle-deep mud surrounding the fire, so I was terrified that I would slip and fall on the fire.

    That's awful about the guy that was hurt, but I agree that the race shouldn't be responsible for people doing stupid shit like that.

  10. I don't think they are liable. I've been to one, and watched and considering that most of them were highly intoxicated young people doing stupid stuff I don't see them being the problem. youth and mortality and alcohol = not a good set up.

    This is the thing I hate most especially with expensive races or races in general. You fork over the cash you should be able to transfer your bib to someone else. In these economic times it might take some more work on the race directors part to figure it out but it should be an option. When I did the Wisconsin half marathon in May they give you the option of deferring your entry to the following year. That should be more common place.

  11. Also love your picture.

    Now I run a lot of Trail races and last week so guy broke an ankle, while a couple of months ago some-one had to be airlifted of the mountain. I was almost caught by the guy behind me because I had taken it easy down a rocky bit, I'm scared of falling...