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Aug 1, 2011

July recap...

Rest day today!!!


Here's my July recap:

Running:  139 miles of running

Biking:  58 miles of biking(the most I've done in a month)

Swimming:  0.5 mile of swimming(first ever)

Races:  Alpenfest 10k- 1st in my age group!
        Warrior Dash - fun mud run.

Question of the day:  How did you do for the month?

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. I hit my highest monthly miles ever in July (140). Oddly enough that came with a little weight gain though... ARGH.

  2. awesome job! You've got a pretty well rounded month there!

  3. Nicely done! I did my highest month this year - but doesn't compare to your mileage!

  4. Dude, now I know why you were tired on some of those days! Great stats for the month. It was good to see you out in the heat on Saturday too.

  5. Nice job on a great month! I wish my stats looked the same.

    And how cool you did Warrior Dash! My husband and I were out there to spectate - it looks like an amazing race. Next year we're doing it for sure!

  6. Nice job last month!! I'm sure the biking and (eventually) the swimming will really up your fitness even more.

  7. They just had a Warrior Dash this weekend in KC. I kinda wanted to do it, but I was too chicken that I'd get hurt! Great month Jeff!