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Aug 29, 2011

Got shoes?

Rest day today!!!  I need it too.  I'm still sore from this weekend's running.


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So as you know, I have been running in Saucony's Ride 2 shoes for quite some time as my regular road running shoe.  I have also been wearing various others that have a great fit but are geared towards the trails and not roads.  Unfortunately, I can't find the the Ride 2's anymore.  So I need to switch to new shoes.  I purchased a pair of Ride 3's and will have them on Monday.  I ended up trying them on at the Crim expo and did not like them - crap!  I'll give them a little more time once I get them.  I did like the Ride 4's(of course, they are more expensive by $40).  My main issue is with the toe box.  I like a running shoe that has a roomy toe box and the Ride 2's had that.  I just feel more comfortable running in a shoe like that.

So.....I need your suggestions.  I wear a neutral shoe.  I'm not looking for a minimal shoe - I like the cushion.  Anyone wearing a neutral shoe with a toe box with room in it?  If so, what do you wear?  I have time to find these and will likely exchange the ride 3's for the ride 4's.  I really wanted the Ride 3's to work so I could stock up at a great price.

Question of the day?  Why do shoes manufacturers change their shoes every year?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. That is that question I am always asking. I have run in Pegasus for years and there have been many models I don't like...

  2. I'm an Asics girl. They have a roomy toe box, imo.

  3. Brooks Ghost. I had to get a size and half bigger though. I used to wear Saucony's but like the Brooks better.

  4. They change the shoes so we have to keep buying!!!

  5. Why do shoes manufacturers change their shoes every year?

    To mess with us!

  6. I agree Brooks Ghost is all I use! And also agree, go a size bigger. It's a HUGE pain when the mfg'r changes or ends a model that you like. Good luck on your hunt!



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