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Aug 7, 2011

New Running Tattoo....

15 mile long run on the schedule today.  Done with my running buddy T.  It was hot, hot and humid but there was a little breeze on the trail which was nice.  We started at 7am for a run down the Paint Creek Trail.  I love running on that trail.  Really good on your legs.

Talked to a guy at the drinking fountain that noticed my shirt from the Bayshore Marathon and asked how I did.  My 4:12 didn't compare to his just under 3 HOURS that he did at the same race.  Wow, is that fast.

Also saw four deer by the river as well.  You feel like you're a million miles away when running on the trail.  Of course, that is until you have to cross a couple roads.


So, how you like my new running tattoo?  I think it's a pretty cool design.

Ok ---- sorry, no this is not me - haha!  I do think it's really cool looking but I'm not sure I'm up to getting something on my body that you cannot remove - EVER!  While I can appreciate why someone would want to do this, I feel like I would need to do something more extreme or longer than just a marathon.  Also, when I say "just", I don't want to belittle the marathon distance because it's quite an accomplishment that kicked my ass but to show it off forever?  I don't know.

How about you?  Anyone have a running tattoo?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I've been thinking about getting one. I do not have a tattoo. My husband thinks it would be funny to see me getting it because it's painful, and I'm like, "Um. I gave birth, dude." Ha!

  2. I have a couple tattoos, but not a running one. I have thought about it, but not sure what I'd want. Maybe when I finally do a full marathon, I will just get the 26.2 somewhere.

  3. GET ONE! I don't have a running tattoo... yet. I have designs that I drew for both a 13.1 and 26.2 and I plan to do one on each ankle. I want to do them the same day so I'm waiting until after I run my marathon in October. I already have 9 tattoos so what's two more!? I just think a running tattoo will be an awesome tribute to the accomplishment!

  4. I don't have a running tattoo, just a regular one. I have a friend who was on the Olympic team in '92 and she got a tattoo of the Olympic rings and a national team oar. I don't know how she feels about it now... probably still pretty good :)

  5. It's funny - I saw your title and thought - no way did he get a tattoo!! Pretty funny. I know a lot of people that have running tattoos. While I'm not against tattoos in general, I think I'd rather have a runner's physique that told people I'm a runner as opposed to a tat!! Fun post :)

  6. I have a 26.2 on my foot and LOVE it. It is a constant reminder of how strong I am and keeps me motivated to run more.

  7. I have a tattoo, but it's not running related.

    Awesome job on your 15 miler. That was my long run this weekend too.

  8. I do think the design is cool. I don't have any running or other tattoos. I'm just not ready to commit to something that permanent. I wish we had some good trails to run in our area, but there's really not much around.

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