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Aug 8, 2011

My 2nd marathon coming....

Rest day on the schedule today - yeah!


I'm certifiably crazy because it's official - I've sent my e-mail to upgrade from the half to the full marathon on October 16th.  This means I'll be running my second full marathon THIS year at the Detroit Marathon.

As most of you know, I've already been training as if I was going to run the half.  This just commits me to it now.  My first marathon was only a short 10 weeks ago so I have not forgotten what the pain is like but I'm really feeling up to the challenge again.

69 days exactly as I write this I WILL be ready to run this marathon.  My plan - yes, I'm already working on a plan - is to run with the 3:55 pace group.  What better way to meet your goal than to run with others with the same goal.  I've never run with a pace group before but figure by the time mile 22 comes around, I'll be talking with the others and not thinking so much about the finish(I hope at least).

I have also been working on my fueling and have started to like GU Chomps.  I can't do the consistency of the gels and like the taste of the chomps.  I still getting used to running with some kind of drink but water is still my preferred drink throughout the course.  Much easier on my stomach.

More to come.

Question of the day:  What have you committed to today?

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. OH?! Good to hear..didn't know that was the plan!

    Re:Chomps. I love the them, but I found that when I'm running fast they are kind of a pain to chew and breath with. Also in cold weather they get too darn hard to chew.

    So I only have them on my LSD runs and biking 8(

    Enjoy the long runs!

  2. Yes Yes Yes I love marathons, so get out there and knock off those training miles you can smash that PR no problems...

    can't wait to read about your training.

  3. Congrats on the marathon! You are going to be awesome!

    I have committed to (or at least will do my best!) to take it easy this week prior to my half Ironman this coming Sunday!!

  4. My FIRST marathon is the day before your second. Looks like we'll be on similar long run schedules.

    I can only handle the consistency of GU gels when I'm mid run. If I have time to think about what I'm eating, it makes me gag. The chomps are great, though, like fruit snacks.

  5. Congrats on the upgrade!! You will do great!

    Today I have committed to "looking into" doing my first full marathon. Your blog will be my motivation!

  6. Does continuing a commitment count? I am continuing to work on training for my first marathon - the Marine Corps Marathon!

  7. Congratulations for making the commitment! I have not committed to anything but maybe I should.

  8. I had a feeling you would end up running the full! I think we need to set up a meet up either at the expo or at the race.

    Did you know there is also a Lion's game at Ford Field that day?

  9. So you've forgotten how you looked and were feeling in Traverse City???? LOL

  10. Awesome! I'm running my 2nd marathon at Marine Corps in October!

  11. Congrats!! I've heard that the Detroit Marathon is awesome!!!

  12. Congratulations!!! Sounds like you're mentally ready for the challenge, and you have plenty of time to train and build up for it. You'll conquer the marathon monster and get another medal soon enough! Outstanding!

  13. Paul - I agree - chomps are a little hard to eat and run but are tasty

    PHO - go for it. You will enjoy it(with enough training)

    Future Runner - Congrats. Looks like a great first race.

    Steph - Yes, I'd like that - hopefully at the expo.

    Ken - I didn't forget - looked like shit; felt that way too; haha! But felt great after.

    Mallory - I have done the relay for it. It's a nice race.

    Thanks everyone. Very excited.

  14. How exciting for you!! I know you'll do great.