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Aug 12, 2011

TGIF - back soon..

Thank God It's Friday - 7 miles on the schedule today.  Great day for a run but really, when I start getting past 6 miles during the week I really get tired.  Fortunately the Higdon plan does not call for anything past 8 miles during the week.  Awesome weather AGAIN!!!!  Pretty speedy pace for me today(see DM)  I figured why not go for a race pace run today.  Felt great.


I'll be offline until a week from Sunday but will be back with more talk about running, product reviews(I have 3 coming up) and other exciting stuff(at least exciting for me)  As far as you, probably not that exciting.  Haha!  Anyway, I'm going to re-post some older posts that I did over the last year so feel free to leave your comments daily.  I'll be checking in every now and then but no new post for the next week.  I will talk to you then!


I got some new stuff in the mail today.  Don't you just love getting mail?  I actually really like the UPS or Fedex guy because that usually means I'm getting some new running stuff to review or I'm getting new running stuff from the online running store.

Here's what I got in the mail:

I was lucky enough to win some new running stickers.  These stickers are made by FlashBrite and, as you can see, have highly reflective material from 3m on them.  They are used to keep you safer when running outside in the dark which I do about 80% of the time!  I was originally going to put these on my water bottles but putting them on there is not going to allow them to be seen so I need to figure another way to add them to the bottle or something else.

Laurie over at the (Mis)Adventures of a Jogging Stroller Mom had a contest for these and I was one of the winners!  Yeah me!  Anyway, she can rest assured these WILL be put to good use.  I might sew them on the bottle so they will be seen.

Here's what I got from the UPS guy:

This is just a sneak preview of a trail running shoe I just received and is going to go through a thorough test by yours truly over the next few weeks.  As I always say, first impression are everything and so far I'm not disappointed.

Question of the day:  Don't you just love getting stuff in the mail?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. Yes the weather is really spoiling us, but it also means that summer is almost over! You'll have to hit the trails at Stony Creek to test out those new kicks.

  2. No question Ken - they WILL be used out there before my review is done.

  3. Love the new shoes! I love getting stuff in the mail even if I have to order it to get it :)

  4. Great job on the run this morning! Have a great vacation!

  5. I also like it when the UPS\FedEx truck pulls into my driveway. 99.9% of the time it's stuff for me!

    Perfect weather here also. In the 50's this morning!! Scared that means winter is around the corner :(

  6. Love the new shoes! The weather up here is great for running.