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Aug 26, 2011

More Crim....

No running today - Rest Day!!!


I went to the Crim expo last night.  Wow! 50 exhibitors for a 10 mile race.  I think that's great.  This is the biggest expo I've been to outside of Detroit Marathon.  I know that some of you have been to big marathon expos that are probably 5 times as big as this or bigger.  They had some pretty decent deals but I only bought a commemorative coin and a mug.

Here's the shirt's you get(one cotton and one tech(I upgraded)) - $45 total when you sign up in the beginning - not bad to get two shirts, a great race, a nice medal and this year, you can Facebook, Twitter or e-mail your results as soon as you are finished through a special program for free.  Cool!
Tech - bright green

cotton - nice for everyday
Here's a picture of the mug I got:

Forecast - 65 degrees with 85% humidity.  The temp isn't too bad but I'm not so sure about that humidity.  No rain which is great!

I'll be back to the half marathon distance with the next race in September.  My last half was in April - it seems like forever!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. Good luck tomorrow...have a blast! It sounds like a great race.

  2. Just run fast and get it over with before the heat arrives! Have a great race and enjoy the beer afterward.....

  3. I like the tech shirts this year. Last year's were ugly.

  4. I wearing last years in today's post. Not ugly - just white.