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Aug 13, 2011

Re-post of Meb

Hi guys - here's a re-post(from 12/2/10) of when I met Meb.  An unbelievable guy!!!

Well, tonight was a really special evening.  I was going to wait to post this tomorrow but I couldn't wait to show everyone.  Tonight was a book signing with Meb Keflezighi.  He not only signed the books but he also talk about his life growing up and how he got to be a world class marathoner.  It sounded like there was nothing easy about how he got where he is today so that's really impressive.  One thing that I wanted to note was that he was a really down to earth, nice guy who took the time to talk to each and everyone, sign their book, ask them questions and take time to take a picture as well.  While some of you might say, "that is what he is supposed to do at a book signing", and I agree.  But it was different and he did not need to take the time that he did with each person so it made you feel special.  He even talked with my friend Pam(running buddy - yes Pam you are a runner!) for 1/2 hour and let her kids try on his medals.  Now that's a real gentleman in my opinion.  I also want to thank the Royal Oak Hanson's Running Shop for hosting him and giving us local runners this opportunity that I don't think comes around too often.  Here's the picture that I took with him:

Here is Meb showing his Silver medal from the Olympics and also his medal for the 2009 NYC Marathon win.  He also showed me the medal he got for 2010 which was the regular medal everyone else gets.  There is quite a difference in the size.  It was really cool that he let us hold them.  I was also really surprised that the silver medal was not larger.  I guess I always thought those medals were really big.

Here's a picture of his new book and also what he signed in my book:

As I said, I was very impressed with him.  I'm not sure I'll be able to top this post for quite some time!  What I thought was funny was that we are just about the same height and weight which is strange that an accomplished athlete and I could share some of the same qualities.  Unfortunately, I can't run a 4:30 mile like he can!  LOL!

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. Wow, he sounds like such a down-to-earth guy. That's so awesome - thanks for reposting this.

  2. I am a huge Meb fan and am running for his charity team in the ING NYC marathon in November. He actually CALLED ME yesterday to say "hi" and thanks. I almost fainted when I saw his number on the caller ID. SUCH a nice guy.

    I am raising money for his charity. If you wouldn't mind posting the link I would be really grateful!!!

  3. awww cool stuff! Always awesome to know how great the elites - it seems like they are always nice people too which is soooo awesome.