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Aug 18, 2011

Repost - Ryan's crazy splits

Hi all.  Here's a repost of Ryan's splits


Saw something posted in Facebook about Ryan Hall's time on his Garmin. Very interesting!  Here is his crazy ass fast splits!

Here is the elevation.  This looks easy(NOT!):

Here is the map of the route:

Very cool.  I wish it were downloaded from my Garmin(even with slow times).  By the way, I love my Garmin watch.  I HATE their software.


Question of the day?  Anyone here ever run under a 5 minute mile(even just for one?)  That's a big fat no for me.  Best I've done is 6:58 - I know not very fast.

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. Under 5......hahaha aha, that's a good one! 7:20 is my best mile....and i almost coughed up a lung for it!

  2. I remember this from the first time ... just as amazing now! The elites are incredible!

  3. Wow! Under 5? Ha Ha... try under 10... still no, but I've done a 10 :-)