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Aug 10, 2011

This and that updates...

5 miles on the schedule today; done!!!!  I'm actually sorry to say that it's done.  It was an unbelievable morning out in the Detroit area!  I got outside and it was pitch black out and the sky was as clear as it's been in a long time.  You could see all the stars in the sky and looking at them took my mind off the fact I was running.  It was also nice and cool out as well - 64 degrees with very little humidity.  I also saw another runner just when I started which was about 5:15.  It's nice to know I'm not the only crazy one out there at that hour.

Speaking of the time, I have been on this get up early schedule for the past two years in order to workout before work.  Last night I didn't get to bed until about 10:20pm which only gave me about 6.5 hours sleep. I'm tired!  I really need my 7 hours to function well.  Coffee helps but only do much.

Also, speaking of coffee ---- for you coffee drinkers out there, I purchased some Kirkland(Costco brand) coffee last week called World Blend.  It's really good!  I really do love my Dunkin' Donuts coffee but Costco just raised the price to over $20 and Costco's is only about $13-14 for 2.5 pounds.  Check it out, I think you will like it if you like a medium roast coffee.


What's exciting on the running front?  Well, I'm working on a couple reviews for some running products including a couple pair of shoes.  I hope to have some reviews over the next month for you to take a look at.  I really like to put the stuff through it's course so that you get a really good idea of the quality of the product - good or bad.

I'll also be running in one of my favorite places in the State - Northern Michigan!!!!  Yeah!  I can't wait to do that again.  My cottage should also be done being painted as well so I'll give you the before and after pictures at some point.  We went from a northern woods cottage to more of a seaside Maine cottage look.  So far it's looking really good and we are very pleased with it.  Good thing too because it will last another 10 years and I would hate to look at something I own for 10 years and not like it.


As you probably noticed, I also updated my blog a little.  I guess you would say I tweaked it.  I changed the font - I kind of like the hand written font??  I also added a Facebook and Twitter button for easy access to Detroit Runner's Facebook and Twitter pages.  Right now, all I have is my posts going directly to these sites but I guess it's great for people who want to follow but don't necessarily want to look directly at my blog each day.  I tried to get @detroitrunner for twitter but someone(who really does not even use it) took my name so I had to add a #1 at the end for @detroitrunner1.  Oh well, what are you going to do!  I've also added functionality on my blackberry but really I can't see using this much.  What a pain to type out a blog post.  Maybe really small ones but nothing big.  I really wish that Blogger had a blackberry/apple application to make things easier.

Question of the day:  What's one of your favorite running products?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. It was almost Fall like when I stepped outside today! Miller High Life is my fav running product, it taste so good after a run! LOL

  2. I have family that live in Marquette. It's beautiful up there. I am going to run the Detroit half this year! Maybe we'll bump into one another as you fly by..ha ha ha!

  3. I like the new font. It's fun!

    I wish I could get on your up early to run schedule.

  4. I always run early mornings and get up at 3:30 for my long runs. I never sleep more than 4 to 4.5 hours during the week. On weekends I sometimes sleep up to 6 hours. I just don't sleep more... My hydration/backpack combo and my favorite New Balance running cap. Those are my two absolute favorite items.

  5. I've been running at 5am too. This morning would have been perfect if my legs were not sore for the entire 8 miles. That's what I get after doing 8 miles of speed work last night!

    My favorite running product is my Garmin.

  6. I need to start doing my early morning runs. Especially for my long runs.

    My favorite running product is/was my iPod. It died on me on Sunday in the rain during my half marathon race..... :(

  7. I like your new look blog. It makes sense to run early in the morning.