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Mar 22, 2011

Couple race pictures

No running today - another (unplanned) rest day.  I'm hoping to be back to running tomorrow but it's nice to see my Dailymile Widget showing that 7:57 pace for 13.16 miles!  The legs are feeling much better today but I can still feel the IT band on both legs and that is usually not a good sign when you only feel it when walking.  Thinking about another rest day :(  I can't imagine what it would feel like when running.  I'm not sure I would get too far.


Here's a few race pictures of my half marathon Sunday:

Why is that I always look so - tired, mad, cold?  Where's the picture when I actually smiled and waived at the photographer?

Really tired!!!

Tired but heard them announce my name so push on
Speeding to the finish
Thank goodness it's done!  Haha!

One thing to notice, I pushed myself at the end and finished before #584.  In picture one, I'm behind him, in picture four, I'm finishing ahead and it was not much distance-maybe 1/8 mile.  Actually I never even noticed him when I was running as I just pushed as hard as I could at the end.  I was in my own world at that point.  The only reason I did this is that I was looking at the clock thinking that I was not going to make 1:45:00 if I didn't push it.

Question of the day?  Do you push yourself at races at the last minute to get those few extra seconds?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. I always push myself right at the end to finish a little bit faster. I have this thing, which I write about in my race reports, about how I refuse to be passed when the finish line is in sight.

  2. I imagine a rope pulling me in as I pick it up as much as possible. Seems to work in most cases!

  3. I always look like I'm about to die in race pictures. I actually have some good ones from my 5 miler this weekend just because they were taking pretty much at the starting gun.

    I definitely push myself at the end (but I completely zone out too, so I have no idea who is around me). I feel like if I don't feel like I'm going to die at the end, I probably haven't tried hard enough...that might not be healthy.

  4. My brother and I had a patented move in cross country in high was called the "LeBlanc out of hell maneuver". We'd both go full-out the last 200-400m or so and try to pass as many people as possible...then promptly collapse on the grass in very dramatic (but necessary at that point) fashion. I still do that to this day, collapse included. :-)

  5. Enjoy your rest day, even if it isn't planned. Ultimately it will be good for you, even if you can't see that now. My race pics always make me look like I'm about to pass out so I feel ya on that!! I definitely try to push it as hard as I can once I see the finish line.

  6. I always try to kick it to the end. If I have anything left in the tank!

    I am sorry you are still hurting. Are you using a foam roller on your ITBs? I sure hope so. That is what I use on mine and it really seems to help. I also have to stretch a lot! Feel better soon speedy!

  7. Nice job to finish strong! The one thing I try to do in every race... well, there are many of course, but one thing is to finish strong. I want to leave it all on the course so usually the last stretch my legs are churning and I'm just giving it all I've got. Looks like that sort of drive helped you get past no. 584. Well done.

  8. My dad's uncle says that if you feel good at the end of a race, then you didn't run hard enough. I always push myself at the end and try to leave everything out on the road!

    I think your race photos look nice. I always look like Shrek in mine!

  9. those are great pics! and yes, i see the time on the clock and no matter how badly i hurt, IT. IS. ON. and i love that feeling!

  10. The pictures are great! I always try to finish my races with a kick... not just to shave off a few seconds or pick off someone ahead of me, but just because it feels awesome to finish fast (and the longer the race has been, the better it feels). Great job!

  11. I leave it all on the road at the end of a race, even if I ran the entire rest of the race as a fun run or training run. LOL I just can't resist a sprint to the finish line.

  12. i always end up pushing myself at the end of races. maybe i don't go out and push myself the way i should earlier in races? i don't know but great pictures!

  13. Christi - working the foam roller. Leg's feeling good again and I'm going to run tomorrow!

    Everyone - I hardly leave anything at the end. I was spent! On a positive note, I did find the photo where I waived. haha!

  14. You clearly gave it your all, Jeff :) that pic series really shows it. Way to catch that guy! In a race, I empty the tank.

  15. excellent pics and report! in my last race, the 5k, i was neck in neck with someone, about 50 meters from the finish. i noticed that it was a kid, late teens. i didn't give it any more gas. i just smiled big for the cameras.
    typically, though, i go for it.

  16. Great pics and beautiful report.
    I push at the end only if I have to smoke some runners.



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