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Mar 3, 2011


Hi Everyone:

3 miles on the schedule today but I did 3.1 in 24:36.  Not even close to a PR(22:38) for me.  I'll use this as my back up Virtual 5k time if nobody ends up coming to Stoney Creek on Saturday.  It's looking like pretty crummy weather on Saturday.  I saw 100% chance of rain but it is getting warmer around 42 on Saturday and then snow for the evening.  Jeez!  I don't blame anyone for not wanting to come out in that weather.  At least you can do it another day unlike a regular race.

I've got an actual 5k coming up on March 13 called the Corktown 5k.  This is a huge race and usually has over 5,000 participants in it.  It's an out and back course in Detroit's Corktown area.  We race the route of the St. Patrick's day parade so it's lots of fun since there are people there waiting to see the parade.  There are lots of runners dressed in costumes as well.  The winner ran it in like 15 minutes!  Wow!   This was my very first 5k ever last year and I ran it in 24:30.  If you notice above, I did just about that today and I really wasn't pushing it to the limit.  I guess all this training has paid off.  Last year my rank was 687 out of 4,204(they said there was actually over 5,000 runners/walkers) and also 71 out of 271 in my 40-44 men's age group.  I'm not expecting to PR in this race this year because I plan to run 14 miles the day before and 4 miles that morning before the race so I'll just go out and run and be happy that I did it.  I figure this is going to be my race, the one that I always want to do every year since it was originally my first.  The other reason I don't want to push myself is that the following weekend I'm doing a Half Marathon.  If anyone in the Michigan area is still interested, I believe you can still sign up online.  Here's the link:


I've already gotten some of the results for the Virtual 5k.  If you are going to post a race report, and I know some of you already have, please let me know that you did so I can read it.  I follow so many blogs, it's hard to get to every blog every day so let me know.  Thanks for participating!!!!!


Question of the day?  What the best bling you have received at a race?  Can't say I have gotten anything great besides shirts and medals but I know many races do other things.

Have a great and.......Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. It's awesome to watch your progression as a runner. Before long, your old PR will seem slow to you. I'm looking forward to the V5K on Saturday, I'll let you know how we do! One of the coolest things I got at a race was an engraved harmonica at the Mississippi Blues Marathon last year.

  2. I've never gotten anything too exciting at a race, but I'm running a few new ones this year, so we'll see!

  3. Mostly medals, but a few races have given away mugs or glasses as the award for an age group place. So I have a few of those. Oh and I haev 2 small trophies; one being for first female overall!

    I have to say, my favorite and most prized "bling" is my medal from the 2009 Detroit Marathon. Not only was it my first but I ran the entire 26.2 with my dad at my side. :-)

  4. I haven't really gotten any special bling from races but I did like my RnR Chicago medal the most. I want to get a medal hanger for them all. I am planning to do my virtual 5k tonight!

  5. You know many runners will race nearly every weekend (at or around their PR times - they don't pr every time), its just a matter of doing enough miles so your body thinks "what you're just stopping after a hard 3.1 mile?, what a baby!"

  6. i haven't gotten much race bling besides medals and shirts. lame. have fun and kick butt at your 5k. are YOU dressing up?! hmmmm?

  7. Unfortunately I've only ever gotten medals and shirts. My first strange bling race is coming up in a couple of weeks though. It's called the Undy 500 and instead of a shirt, you get race boxers!

  8. I just blogged my results.

    So far I've only run one race, so just a medal and a shirt.

  9. My favorite race rewards were the rolls (as in bread) I won three years in a row at Chelsea's Run for the Rolls. The rolls come from the Common Grill in Chelsea and they are the BEST. In 2008 I took the top women's spot in the race and got a pretty sweet clay tile as the top female as well as the dozen rolls.

    I got a really nice dark blue wool hat from the Riverview Winterfest 4-miler in 2010.

    Otherwise my favorite race swag is the mug I won for a 1st place AG effort at the Run Like the Dickens 5K in Holly. I know a lot of races give out mugs but this one is great, really big and attractive.

    I'm most proud of my Detroit Marathon 2008 finisher's medal (my first marathon) and my 2010 Boston Marathon finisher's medal and official race shirt. I will probably never be fast enough to make it back to Boston again but I did it once and it was awesome.

  10. My Virtual 5K report is up! It was so fun. lol really. It was.

    No cool running race bling other than finishers medals and t-shirts that were pretty generic. My favorite rowing medal was the Head of the Charles... just a lovely medal and very, very heavy. The medal for the Head of the Schyulkill came in a nifty wooden box making it a little nicer than it otherwise would have been. The funniest bling has to be my PanAm Games medal which came on a really ratty and stained ribbon. Seemed rather fitting in Cuba where so many things were so rundown and/or old.

  11. WHOA! 5,000 runners is HUGE for a 5K. that'll be a fun race.

    I feel like I've received some fun stuff for races, but honestly nothing is jumping out at me right now. Honestly, as long as I get a medal I'm a happy camper.

  12. I had a good run today - 28:55 at the 5K point, so I guess I'll use that as my 5K time. No, I'm no speed demon, but that was a really good effort for me! I'm running again Saturday, but it's going to be a social run so will be slower. Thanks again for hosting this!!

  13. Jim - that's a cool give away!

    Stephanie - that's one thing medal's do is bring back memories every time you look at it.

    Mallory - I'd love to run Chicago some day.

    Danny - I hear you. I'm not worried about another PR.

    Fair Weather - no way. But I'll have green on - probably last years shirt.

    Penguin - sometimes better than ANOTHER shirt.

    Shannon - Thanks. I will read it!

    Sun - Wow. You have some great accomplishments!

    XLMIC - thankyou!

    Adam - It's absolutely crazy. I'll take lots of pictures. I like medals as well.

    Terri - great pace! I think it's good! You're welcome.

  14. my WR trophy. it's sleek and reminds me of a great trip.

    i can't believe that march has snuck up on me so fast. i swear i have a st pattys day race coming up but i have no idea where the time went!

  15. Isn't it nice seeing results without really pushing! :) Means you're getting better! ;)