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Mar 29, 2011

Scared of my shadow...

4 miles on the schedule and ran 4 miles.  Still cold outside but at least there is no snow out.  So today, I'm about a mile into my run when I see a dark figure coming up by some trees.  Of course, it scared the crap out of me because I never seen anyone that early outside.  Plus, even if I did see someone, they would not be lurking by the trees.  It really startled me.....yes, shadow.  Haha!  It's true.


I have been thinking more about the blog and would like to ask you a few questions.  Please be honest and serious(if that is possible for some of you)  Yes, I know it's not for some.

1) What brings you to the blog?
2) What would bring you back more often?
3) What could be better?
4) Do you ever click on the advertisements?  Why or why not?

I'd really like to try and improve on the blog even further.  I still think it needs more and I'm open to hearing your suggestions.  Thanks in advance!


I received a discount code from Sony for the MP3 player I gave away.  If you are interested in purchasing one, you can go here: to purchase one.  As a disclaimer, I get nothing for offering the discount.  I'm doing it just because I'm a nice guy.


Question of the day?  In a fun race, costume or no costume?  Got any pictures I can share on the blog?  E-mail.  I'm a no costume person but I do enjoy seeing the people.

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!!


  1. That cracks me up that your shadow scared you. I've actually had that happen when I'm walking the dog at night. I tend to freak myself out, so now I usually wear headphones to keep myself from thinking.

    The only thing I can thing that I'd like more of is pictures! I love when blogs use a lot of pictures :)

  2. I keep coming back because I like reading what other runners are doing. Especially people who run a whole lot more than I do. No, I don't click on ads. Pictures are good. I enjoy your blog. Thanks!

  3. I come back cause I like your blog! I don't click on ads. It's always fun to read about other people who are not life long runners and see how they grow.

  4. I love that you got scared of your shadow!!! Too funny!!

    I come to your blog because I enjoy what you post about. I think you're funny and I like to support fellow bloggers. I think you've got a good blog so I read every post. I don't click on ads.

    I've never run in a costume but I'm not a costume person. I don't dress up for Halloween either. Maybe someday I'll dress up for a race.

  5. I have been scared of my own shadow so I know where you are coming from!

    I come to your blog because I like reading your running adventures. I also liked your pix. I don't click on the ads but that is because I am here a lot.

    I have not run in costume.

  6. We like being around like-minded people. We want to hear what works and what does not. We want to experience the highs and lows with you. I read most of my blogs in a reader. I do not see the ads.

    What is a fun race? Now a fun run –

    Question for you: What do you get out of writing the blog and why do you want more people to read it?

  7. 1) Reading about your runs (especially when you're struggling with motivation/cold/etc) motivates me to get my butt in gear. I still haven't actually *run* yet, but hey, maybe tonight is the night. :-) I do other stuff instead.
    2) Nothing really, I read when you post.
    3) I dunno...maybe post upcoming races or something? That wouldn't do me much good since I'm not in Detroit, but maybe it'd inspire me to find ones in my area. :-)
    4) Nope, never. I read you through Reader, which (unfortunately, since your blog design is so cool!) means I only see the posts and not the blog, 90% of the time.

    I'm seconding Tri-James' question - what do you get out of blogging and what do you hope to give through it?

  8. I came here initially to be part of your virtual 5K but I've stayed because I enjoy reading about your journey as a runner. I too, like pictures. I also enjoy reading about your life that does not involve running. You don't do much of that here, but other blogs do. I would like to hear more of that. :)

  9. 1) What brings you to the blog? Just started reading it recently
    2) What would bring you back more often? 30 hours in a day
    4) Do you ever click on the advertisements? Why or why not? No, but I usually read all my blogs in google reader so I don't see the ads.

  10. I was too scared to run in the dark this morning...I was worried I would get freaked out! I keep reading your blog because I like it...I love seeing what training you are doing and what races are next...I find it motivating for my own training.

  11. I like your blog because you're not one of those bloggers who complains constantly about the slightest misstep in his / her already very impressive training in what we all know is just an effort to brag. You just go run and report on it without expecting anyone to give you a gold star or think that you're some sort of superman. That's what I like to see in a blog!

  12. I don't know why I come here, really. You just come across as a nice, thoughtful person who also runs. Your 'adventures' are honest and entertaining. I loved your virtual 5K. Fun to see the pictures of your 'adventures' and hear about the normal, day to day of a regular person running and living. Does that make sense?
    I only click on ads when I am bored... lol... which is pretty much never!

  13. Jeff, I love your blog because you are one of the most down-to-earth humble people on here. I need to be more like that. You seem to know who you are as a runner and as a person. I really respect that! I don't click on ads typically. I can't think of anything you should change. I really like the fact that you are always honest about not only the successes, but also the struggles of training for your first marathon. Great job in my opinion sir!

  14. Thanks everyone for your comments. For those that asked, what I get out of the blog is kind of like therapy but I like to make sure that I'm giving something back to you that read it as well. It gives me a place to write something down and think things through.

    More pictures....Yes...I agree. The only real issue is that 80% of my running is done at 5:30am and it's dark so it does not make for very good pictures. Once summer comes, it helps a little since it start to get lighter earlier.

    As far as down to earth, I guess I need to be that way because I'm still learning about this sport and certainly do not want to come off as an expert because I am certainly far from that. Haha!

    Thanks again!!!!

  15. I love that you were scared of your own shadow - definitely something I would do.

    I come here because you are totally down to earth and I can relate to you. I love reading about your journey as a runner. I wouldn't change anything!

  16. 1. you are an "average" runner and it is nice to read about running from your average joe who is just making it work
    2. I read when you have posted something new most days. I go thru spells with blogging. Depends on time
    3. don't change anything
    4. I don't click on ads often; probably because I am broke and dont want to be tempted to shop

    My shadow scared me once and sometimes the sound of my running; as in I look to see who is coming :)

  17. i learned last year that i really love racing in costume. it's like it takes all the pressure out of the race and I just have a blast!

    my blog is in a constant state of me wanting to make it better, so i'm awful at providing suggestions other than to say I love reading about running and authentic people.

  18. I think we've all been jolted from our runs by our shadows, or a bush, or paper bag, etc........ I prefer to be alone when it happens (don't like when people laugh @ me. Boo!)

    I don't click on ads... find them a bit annoying. If you are promoting a product in a post I would be more likely to check it out.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Honestly, I do try to click on ads that interest me because I feel like I'm supporting a fellow blogger.