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Mar 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday? I don't know.

Today I had 4 on the schedule and banged out 4 on the treadmill. Hoping for 8 on Friday outside.  I hate this weather.  The treadmill is also softer and helping my legs recover still.  I also did a bowflex workout as well which felt good since it's been over a week for weights.


Three things Thursday.  I have not really been a three things Thursday guy but thought I would give it a try:

1) I'm still trying to decide what race to run in September.  Right now I'm thinking the Romeo to Richmond half marathon is likely.  It's nice and close to home.  There is also the following to pick from:
                      1) Run Woodstock half marathon
                      2) Curamus Terram half marathon(hills)
                      3) Capital City River run half marathon
                      4) Sault Area Chamber Chase half marathon

Anybody from Michigan(or anywhere) do any of these races before?  Your thoughts?

2) 64 days until my first marathon.  Is that it?  Really?  Only 64 days?  Crap!

3) Michigan - the only state to lose population in the Census and over 200,000 in Detroit alone.  Anyone interested in moving to Michigan or moving back to Michigan.  We could use the company.  No?  How about a vacation here?  Lots to do in Michigan!
Detroit Skyline

Question of the day?  Do you carry a camera at races? I'd really like to have my camera for the full marathon but I just can't see carrying it for that long and I don't want the weight in my belt either.  I usually take before/after pictures.

Have a great day and...........Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. your marathon is coming up quick. Good luck with the rest of your training

  2. The only races I've done in Michigan were the half and full in Grand Rapids. Both fantastic and PRs for me.
    I think you need to do something about your weather before you can attract more peeps. I should know. We Chicagoans have a similar problem!

    No race camera for me.

  3. 1. why only run 1 half in September?
    2. 64 days is a long time... to long to thing about your Marathon, so what I would do is focus on the next 2 weeks and work hard on getting the mileage up, then I would take a week off (easy cut back on the miles ect). Then with 5 weeks to go I would be able to look at the marathon and say all I have to do is focus on training for 25 days and then taper.

    Trust me a marathon isn't that hard.

    3. I wish 200 000 people would leave Cape Town I feel there are just to many people here...

  4. I always carry my camera during big races. I got a tiny Nikon point-and-shoot in 2009 and it's my faithful companion. It fits into the palm of my hand and is very light so I actually hold it for the duration of races, even marathons. That way I'm always ready to take a picture-- like this one. (guys peeing on a fence during the NYC Marathon.)

  5. Never carry a camera at races--I'm racing!

    Sad about Michigan--it is a really pretty state. It will get its mojo back some day!

  6. I'm thinking of carrying my camera during my races this year, but mine is pretty slim and light, so it won't really be an issue to carry.

    I lived in MI for four years during college and have vacationed every christmas basically since I was born. I'm doing my part!

  7. I don't carry a camera during races but I do carry my phone during training runs. My phone has a great camera so I take a lot of great photos.

  8. Great job getting the miles in!!

    I LOVE Michigan. Most of my family lives there in Battle Creek. I have vacationed in Michigan almost every summer since I was a small child and even now. It's a beautiful state.

    I've never carried a camera in a race because I'm not one to take it easy in a race that I pay for. I try to limit distractions. I do wish I'd had a camera in my last half though because it was just beautiful.

  9. Jeff, Woodstock is trails and you now about the hills of Curamus. Ill be at Traverse City with the team, so we'll have fun!!!!

  10. The time is really flying and I have 65 days to the Comrades Marathon. I carry a camera in all my races. I don't feel it in my belt at all.

  11. I don't carry a camera for my races... I want to carry as little as possible (especially during marathons).

    Good luck picking races! I think that is way fun. I dont' know any of the ones you listed but it looks like you have some good options. :)

  12. WOW! Your marathon is coming up quick!

    I do not carry a camera at my races. I did it once actually, at the Goofy Challenge, and took my picture with some of the characters. That was cool. But with it being your first marathon and all, I would think you have enough on your mind without adding a camera. Keep training hard!

  13. I only carry a camera at races that I'm not "racing" per say. If I'm going for a time or a PR, then it's all about running, not pictures. I do generally have my phone with me though just in case and it doubles as my emergency camera.

  14. How about Run Woodstock in Pinkney, not too far for you and I've heard great things about the weekend!

  15. I know I've said this before, but you really should consider taking some pictures during the Bayshore Marathon. You'll see some of the best Michigan scenery ever on that route, especially on Old Mission Penninsula.

  16. My mom is a Michigander by birth... actually, she's a youper. But we don't hold that against her. But we won't be moving there. California is too nice :)

  17. Yes, the weather is a bit of an issue here when you have lived in a warm climate before.

    Ken - sounds great. I'm looking forward to it!

    Kovas - I've heard great things as well!

    Johann - Comrades should be awesome. I can't wait to see your pictures!

    coach dion - First reason for one race in September is money. Second, is that I like 4 weeks typically between races and one a month is plenty for me. I heartily disagree though with your assessment of the marathon. While I have not run one yet, I believe it's probably one of the harder things to do in life in regards to exercise but I'll reserve my opinion for when I actually run one.

  18. I'm always amazed at people who take pictures during their races. I guess for me, it's enough that I have to carry my keys, an MP3 and nutrition. Plus I'd probably sweat too much and ruin my good camera. Or forget that I'm carrying it. :)

  19. I ran on a treadmill this week and I had a really rough time. I seemed to be stomping - I was really loud and I got tired really quickly.

    Maybe I'm just not used to treadmills? I never have a gym membership but they just opened a gym at my work so I'm going to try to pay it a visit once a week.

  20. The Richmond/Romeo HM is...well...OK - here are my observations: first of all, there is quite a bit of huge pea gravel - not fun to run on, IMHO. also - there is really no crowd encouragement due to it being a rail to trail. Given the choices you listed I would totally recommend the Capital City - I know quite a few runners who go back again and again because of their great experiences!