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Mar 26, 2011

Address change

Hi guys:

I'm changing my address of the blog and taking out the blogspot portion of the blog so the new address will be:

I figured it was time to spend the whopping $10 and claim the detroitrunner website.  It says it takes about three days for the transition.  I thought it was instant but I guess not.  I believe you should still be able to get to my blog at the existing address and it will forward you over to the new one automatically sometime next week.

Thanks for following.

Have a great day and.....Keep Running!!!!


  1. In the big leagues now, woohoo!

  2. That's awesome! Let me know what features are different because I've thought about the transition too!

  3. Mallory - still learning. I probably post about it later. You do get your own distinct e-mail. For example, I set up for e-mail.