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Mar 23, 2011

Back at it!!!!

Well, back at it.  Not that I was gone long or anything.  Hopefully back on schedule.  Five miles today but I had to do it on the treadmill since we got snow yesterday and last night.  GO away winter!!!!!  The legs felt pretty good today.  I'm probably 95% on one leg and 85% on the other leg.  I felt a little twing(is that a word?) in my right leg but all is good so far.  With continued stretching and foam rolling I should be ready for my slow long run this weekend.  The key word being SLOW!


I happen to find that race photo when I waived at the photographer.  That one's a first.  I'm smiling and waiving and looking at him!

I was feeling pretty good when this picture was taken.  Obviously, since I'm smiling.  If you noticed, there are no other smiling pictures before.  Ha!

Since I skipped Tuesday's 4 miler, I really built in a step back week this week and it's also a step back week under the schedule as well.  I just didn't think I was going to step back THAT much.  I guess it's not really THAT much since it's only 4 miles missed.  I'm still happy I took the extra day.  It helped my legs tremendously.  I guess I'm just getting old!  It seems like the legs hurt more than normal this time around but probably I jus don't remember the pain from before.  If we always remembered the pain we go through at these races, we probably would not continue to do them, huh?

I said to my wife they seem to hurt more this time and she says, "How are they going to feel after a marathon then?"  I said, I'm thinking of taking off an extra day of work so I have two days off(after the marathon) before I have to go back to work.  She didn't think that was necessary so I said, why don't you come join me for 26.2 and let's see how you feel then.  Haha!  I'm thinking a couple lazy days after the marathon will probably be in order and since it's on Memorial Day weekend, I only have to take off one day of work.

It's good to know I'm back on pace(hopefully) and I'm actually really happy I only have 11 on the schedule this weekend so I can continue to recover.  I should be ready to go for next weeks push on the miles.  I'll be on for a whopping 41 miles and 44 miles for the next two weeks.  These are unknown territory for me.  I max out at 44 miles on the training plan even though my long run is not 20 for that week.(close though at 18)

I also have skipped out on the cross training(bike) this week which is usually on Monday and I skipped weights last Thursday as well.  I was really feeling lazy so I'm glad I'm back to running and hope to be back to the crosstraining(weights) on Thursday.

Do you guys ever feel like your being lazy when you really have not skipped that many workouts?  Jeez, I remember when I used to sit on the couch every day!

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!!


  1. I started to make all my workouts "count" - as in no more junk runs and always running with a purpose - and at first, I felt lazy because I wasn't going as far. But now I realize that I'm making myself stronger.

  2. Glad you're back in action (and found a smiley race pic!).

    I always feel lazy when I miss a workout. Heck, I feel lazy when I take a necessary rest day. I think your body just gets into such a workout zone, that you don't want to miss one.

  3. Sounds like everything will be back on track for you in no time…or was t ever off track? I used to feel lazy but don’t anymore as I’ve learned that off days are rest days and rest days are good.

  4. If I have a good reason to not train, I don't even think about it...but, if it really was lazy, then well, I feel lazy :)
    Hope your legs continue to feel better!

  5. Unplanned rest days are your body telling you to pay attention.

  6. Awesome photo!!

    You won't lose anything by taking that extra rest day. :-)

    I know how you feel though when taking time off. I feel lazy, even though I know the body needs rest.

  7. I do feel lazy sometimes but I remind myself that rest is a necessary part of training! Way to get back at it, Jeff!!!

  8. I still sometimes feel guilty going home after working and sitting on the couch. Granted, I run before work, and have my run for the day done...but there's still a little guilt. Rest days I usually don't feel too lazy...but days when I miss....ugh! I regret it all day. :-)

  9. great pic! and glad you're back on track. taking a few extra days off after a marathon is a fantastic award for your efforts, i say do it. i often find myself beating myself up if i don't workout 'enough' (i.e. 5-6 days a week, often twice a day) and then have to remind myself that rest is good. i think it's natural. it's all relative, but go easy on yourself. it's totally okay. :)

  10. As we get older, we do require a little more recovery time. Our regenerative abilities tend to not hold up as we think they do ;-) I am really glad you took it easy and are now able to get back to it. I am sure you will be in fine form and READY when that race rolls around :)

  11. 5 miles on the dreadmill: you are a hero!
    The extra days help to recover faster.
    Beautiful picture!!!

  12. Thanks everyone!!!

    Kovas - I listened!

    Nej - I don't feel guilty sitting at home after work when I run in the morning. You should not either.

    XLMIC - that's it. Getting old needs more recovery.

    Black Knight - 5 is not bad; I can handle 9 or less on the treadmill

  13. I make sure to give myself at two VERY easy workouts each week. Walk if I want to, pick flowers, etc. That way I don't feel lazy, it's just part of the training plan. :)

  14. Twinge is definitely a word. My legs, knees, hips get twingy sometimes for lots of reasons.

    I do feel antsy if I have a workout scheduled and I miss it. Like today, we got a foot of snow. I swapped today's run with tomorrow's rest day. Even though I know I will run tomorrow, I still feel antsy today.

  15. I know what you mean - I hate missing a workout! Glad you're back!

  16. Take as many days off as you want. When I take one, I find that it is never really enough. As for lazy, I have no advice. I haven't run in a full week and have a trail 1/2 on Saturday. I am just really tired and sore and am considering extending my training cycles to not fit the traditional 7 day week and just let it roll. P.S. you are so far from lazy