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Mar 19, 2011

Second rest day...

Today is another rest day.  It feels really strange to not be out there running today but I know I can do better at my half tomorrow with the additional rest.  This is especially true if I decide to go for it.  I'm going against what I would normally do which is follow my training schedule.  I have pretty much followed that thing to a tee until now.  Here's my goals for the half tomorrow:

1) Finish feeling strong
2) Finish in 2 hours
3) Finish in 1:44:59

#1 and 2 are surely within reach but #3 might be a stretch.  I'm thinking an eight minute mile is a stretch but I guess we will see how it goes and how I'm feeling.  My first half was 8:05 pace and VERY hilly and I finished in 1:45:55 but I also did not have any IT Band issues at the time.  Also, if it's windy on the island(like most islands are) then that will not help my chances.  I'll be happy with anything under 2 hours frankly.  Speaking of weather, here's what we are looking at for Sunday here.  Race time is 7:30am.

Looks a little chilly out.  While the wind does not look that bad, when you are facing it, it's worse that in sounds.  Overall, though, I'm really happy with the weather.  No rain.  No snow.  No freezing, well sort of but not 20's.  No 20 mph winds.  Overall, it should be great for the race.  Just have to bundle up a little based on that "feels like" temp in the 20's.


More mail for me!!!!  I got another sticker from a fellow blogger. Tina from One Crazy Penguin send me one of her stickers.  Here it is:

Always Finish. Always Smile.  What a great motto.  Two things I can actually say that I have always followed through on for races.  That makes me very fortunate in my opinion.  Anyway, please check out Tina's blog and start following her here.  You will like what she shares about running and life!


So since it's time for my second half marathon, I have come into a little bit of a tradition.  I like to get my hair cut before a race.  Since I race every 4-6 weeks, it fits in with a haircut well.  Yes, I know I'm strange.  I get it cut really short - #2 for guys that razor their hair.  That is really short but I love the feel of it and it just makes me feel faster when I'm out there racing.  I know, dumb but my opinion is whatever makes you think you are faster, you will then be faster out there.  Here's a picture of me this morning.  My daughter and wife think I look bald(unfortunately so), my son could care less and I do it just for me.
Scary short but I like it!  Bald. No. But soon! :(

Question of the day?  What is your tradition before a race?  I'm sure it's got to be more exciting than a haircut!

Have a great day and......Keep Running!!!!!


  1. My traditions are boring too. I always lay everything out the night before and always eat a whole wheat english muffin w/ PB & banana before a race. I drink 2 cups of coffee as well. I also have to hit the restroom at least 1-2 times before the race to make sure my bladder is completely empty.

    I think having a pre-race hair cut is anything but boring and completely out of the ordinary.

    I am resting today too. I considered going to lift and do abs, but decided against it. I will do some core work, foam roll and stretch this afternoon.

  2. Good luck tomorrow. Traditions: before my first 10K I got a pedicure, but I'm thinking that might become a post-race tradition in the future. Sometimes my toes hurt after a pedicure - not good for racing.

    Love the 'do.

  3. Good luck tomorrow!

    As far as traditions, I haven't been running or racing long enough to have any yet. So far I suppose it would be the morning bowl of oatmeal, but then I do that every day so it's not strictly race related.

  4. Wishing you well for your race tomorrow :) Hoping for great weather and fleet feet!

  5. GL tomorrow! You will meet some of your goals. The temps look perfect, at least IMHO! Can't wait to read your RR. As for pre-race traditions, I don't think there is anything I do every time other than try to go to sleep early.

  6. Hey Jeff, why don't you just work on goal number 3. I think you have it in you. You should too!

  7. Good luck Jeff!! Wishing you a great race - I believe goal #3 is in striking distance for you - go for it!!

  8. I haven't been racing long enough to have any set tradition, although today I'm being very lazy - I mean, really resting up - for tomorrow's race. My husband gets the #2 all over, too, I think it make everyone look much younger.

  9. Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear your recap - here's to goal #3!

  10. I believe 'boring' may be the wrong adjective. Any recreational or professional runner is going to have 'boring' pre-race rituals (if they have any such rituals). Perhaps a better modifier would be 'unique'. You should see the extent that Ryan Hall goes to before a race. He'll let his hair grow, and beard, and then a week before the race he'll shave not only his hair and face but his legs as well.

  11. Good luck at the race, I know you'll do great! Have fun!

  12. Hope the race went well! Can't wait to read about it!!! I don't really have any race traditions.

  13. Glad you got the sticker!

    I have a hair tradition for races too. My first race ever, I straightened my hair and rocked it. Now I have to do it or I get really anxious!

    I'm catching up on posts today, so I can't wait to see how you did in the race!

  14. Sometimes you have to apply Hair wigs because of hair loss. More power to you!