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Mar 4, 2014

Sof Sole Thin Fit Performance Insole review

This is the first pair of insoles that I've reviewed here on the blog but thought it would be something that fit well with my running.  Here's what I received:
Let me give you a few facts from the company first:
  • Lightweight and low profile design
  • Coolmax moisture management
  • Microban - helps prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • One year warranty
  • 30 day money back guaranty if you are unsatisfied
I will say that 100% of the time I have used the insoles that come with the shoe itself.  I've never had any issues with the manufacturers insole but I know that some of you have had comfort issues.  My goal with these was to pull out the insole that came with the shoe and use the Sof Sole once the shoe had gotten to the point where a replacement was almost needed.  Frankly, at that time, I mostly just get rid of the shoes but I wanted to test these to extend the wear of my shoe.

Upon running in these, it was clear that I immediately had more cushion than I did with the insole that came with it.  I believe that it will extend the life of the shoe.  Bear in mind, I'm not talking about going way beyond the useful life of the shoe but I can probably extend the shoes life an extra 100 miles.  For as much as I run, this adds up and is worth considering.  Of course, the Sof Sole will last much longer than 100 miles so you'd be able to do these with all your shoes and move them over.  If you are starting from zero miles, you'll need to have a few pairs.
The top and bottom of theSofsole
The insole was very comfortable when running.  I didn't feel like it was something added onto the shoe after the fact.  It felt like it was something that came with the shoe and was part of it.  I think this is important because you don't want to wear something that makes it not feel right when running.  I wear an 8.5 size shoe and it was not necessary to trim the insole to fit properly because it fit perfectly out of the box.  If it were needed to be cut, they tell you to cut by the toes.  The Sof Sole also does not move around at all.  As you can see above, the insole had extra cushioning at the heal and the forefoot for additional protection.  The style I received was max cushioning for medium arches - exactly what I was looking for.

While I still need to get more miles on them, I believe the product does what I wanted which was extend the use of some of my shoes near the end of it's life.  For those that don't like the manufacturers insole, this also would be an option to try right from the start of running in your new shoes.  The company also has numerous options to fit your particular foot and can also help with issues you might be having with your feet.

Interested in learning more?

Go to the Sof sole website

Go to the Sof sole Facebook page

Go to the Sof sole Twitter page

I also received a pair of their performance running series sock but I have yet to try these due to the cold weather as they are not made for cold.  They are comfortable as I've tried them on but have not run in them as of yet.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Note:  I received a complementary pair of Sof Sole inserts and socks in exchange for this review.  I was not required to give an opinion other than an honest one.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Going to check these inserts out. Wondering if the extra cushion around the forefoot and heel will help with metatarsalgia and plantar fasciitis!

  2. I was afraid they wouldn’t fit in my shoes, but they actually slip right in with complete comfort. best shoe lift