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Mar 24, 2014

Bayshore Marathon training week 8 summary

Clint Verran at 2013 Bayshore - I spectated last year - he won the half
Another strong week for me even though my miles were a little less this week.  I'm feeling pretty good overall.  The weather overall, while cold for this time of year, has been without snow or rain(at least when I ran).  I've also been listening to the RockmyRun mix that we got for free from #runchat one week.  It's actually a very good mix and really keeps you humming along.  My paces for all mid week runs have been faster because of it - not necessarily always a good thing but at least it shows me I still have a little speed left in me.

We slowed it down on Saturday and went for a nice slow long run with a pace around 9:57/mile.  Because I have no real time goal, this has been working out really well for me as I'm not finishing the week feeling exhausted and overtrained.  I'm really excited to see how this approach works for Bayshore.

Monday - Run 4.27 miles at 8:24 average pace; yoga

Tuesday - Run 5.17 miles at 8:30 average pace; weights

Wednesday - Run 5.01 miles 8:14 average pace; yoga

Thursday - Run 4.38 miles at 8:23 average pace

Friday -Weights

Saturday - Run 17.25 miles at 9:57 average pace

Sunday - Yoga

Also this week, I signed up for my first 50k race called the Oil Creek 50k in PA.  It will notch off another State(even though I don't have that goal) and I'm really looking forward to it.  Well as far as anyone can look forward to running 31 miles I guess.  LOL!

Hope your training is going well.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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  1. Another week another mile, I also was on the money with my training, week hard weeks left before my race.