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Mar 8, 2014

Great group run today.....

Good group running Stony Creek
Ok, I'm not one to post about my daily running here anymore but this one was a great run today.  We had another great group out there again.

Stony Creek was a bit chilly with the wind but it was in the 30's so I'm not complaining.  It was a nice 14 miler and I got to complete the Strava half marathon challenge today too.

Strava run
A few of us took a detour and ran the golf course road at Stony which is known to have a few hills on it.  Yes, it's hilly and a great workout.

As some of you know, I've also been testing my new Garmin Vivofit that I got this week at RUNdetroit and have been running with it as well as wearing it 24/7.  Of course, running 14 miles blew away my daily steps goal but check out the mileage it calculated - 31.80 miles - WTF!

It's really strange because the steps are not that far off.  There are some steps before and after my running too so it's fairly close if you figure I'm running a 180 cadence average.  Still not sure why the miles would be that far off.  I will say that Justin over at RUNdetroit contacted Garmin about it and they said that if you want accuracy for miles, use one of their running watches since the Vivofit is geared towards fitness.

Correction - here is another view of today.  Now look at the miles(which is more accurate).  Small view on Garmin Connect shows 17.6 miles; large detailed version shows 31.80 miles?

I'll keep using it over the next couple weeks and do a complete review.  If you are thinking of buying one, keep this in mind.  It also keeps these results separate from your Garmin running watch so it does not mess things up in regards to your training.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Thanks for posting this. I am considering getting one.

  2. Just noticed you have an Istagram account. I started following you :)

  3. Strava is evil I keep having to head out on the same routes to beat other people... and this is on easy runs... nice sized group for a training run.