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Mar 1, 2014

February Recap

Well another good month of running for me considering that it's been colder than Siberia around here!

Here's the month:
Click to enlarge
Run:  117.68 miles!

Yoga sessions:  14 sessions!

Weights sessions:  8 sessions!

While I consider my rest days Friday and Sunday, I tried to do something active every single day this month and achieved that which I was happy with.

I also looked to see what I did last year in February and I ran 105 miles so an improvement but I also was not training for a marathon last year either.  I guess I should have.

For those that use Strava, here's a recap from VeloViewer for the month of February as well.  I like how they break it down in the wheel and show the distance of each run, the elevation chart and where you ran.  All you do is click on a run and it will show the details of that run as well.  Pretty fun!
Monthly chart from Veloviewer
Hope your month was good too.

Have a  great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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