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Mar 25, 2014

Enso Muscle Roller Review

Enso Roller
About a month ago I received the Enso Muscle roller by Evofit for review.  Some of you probably use a foam roller of some type for your muscles.  If not, it basically gives you a massage by using the weight of your body to loosen your muscles.  I always think of the white foam roller that I started using when I started running and had IT Band issues.  This is on the other side of the spectrum of rollers.  This thing is a beast and it's fully customizable to what your needs are.  It's one of the most unique and innovative running products I've reviewed here and I was so excited to try it out and review it here for you.

For me, I've been foam rolling religiously for the past three years ever since I had my IT Band issue.  I can tell you that, for me, using a roller is something that had been imperative to keeping me healthy and keeping me running.  I don't need to be convinced that rolling makes me a healthier runner.

While you can purchase a cheap white foam roller, you are wasting your money if this is something that you plan to do for the long term.  Yes, it's not something everyone enjoys doing because frankly, it can really hurt using one of these if you are not used to it but it's worth it.  Sometimes while using other rollers, I could not seem to get enough pressure on the muscle - until I used the Enso.

Here's what it comes with:
Directions to configure it
Unlike most rollers, you do need instructions, at least when you first get it, so you know how to configure it for what you are using this for.  It targets a particular muscle - very unique to foam rollers.
A 13" aluminum tube and 4-5"discs and 4-4.5" discs
Below you can see the quality of the discs and the tube.  It's made to not break down as you use it.
High quality
Also the discs have a little notch in them to keep them in place in the grooves.  Just place the disc so it matches up with the grooves in the tube and it locks into place.

Of course, you can configure this anyway that you want to fit your needs but the instructions give you ideas of how to roll with it.  Here are several of the configurations that you can put it into that I used.
Hip, legs, back, calves(super aggressive)
As you can see above, you can configure them how you like.  The first one in the top left corner is for your hip.  I have had soreness in my hips in the past and while a regular foam roller works somewhat, what is unique about this is that you can move the discs out so that when you roll, you are rolling past the hip because it leaves room so you don't hit the hip bone - genius!!!  This is hands down my favorite configuration of the Enso and the only roller I know that can do this.  Obviously, this is one of the huge differences from a regular roller.  It really takes rolling to an entirely different experience.  I've been able to loosen up muscles in areas that I just cannot do with a regular foam roller.

Don't get me wrong, the pain(good pain) is still there but it targets the particular muscles you want to roll.  I will warn you that if you are not used to a harder foam roller, be careful as you use this as it takes some getting used to.  For example, the super aggressive calves position, in the bottom right corner creates lots of pressure on the calves since you are putting it again hard aluminum but it works very well.

I'm probably on the extreme for foam rolling.  I roll before I run and after I run and I also roll each evening as well.  This has made an incredible difference in my running and keeping healthy.  For those considering foam rolling, you can be confident that this is one of the best rollers out there in the market.  I know because I've use five different brands and styles. 

Given the superior product, it does come with a price($89.00 on their website or $69.00 for a travel version).  Yes, I know it sounds very expensive but, in my opinion, it can be justified several ways.  First, if you were to get regular massages, one or two massages can add up to the cost of this product that you are going to have for years.  Secondly, unlike many rollers, this one will not break down.  The white foam roller will only last a couple months if you use it like I do, and at $20 each, you would go through at least four in a year.  This is something you can buy and will not need to replace.  Last, it will help keep you healthy.  It will keep you running and it's hard to put a price on that but I would gladly part with the money to keep me out there running without being hurt.

Interested in learning more?

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Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary Enso Muscle Roller by EvoFit in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a particular opinion other than an honest one.

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