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Mar 31, 2014

Bayshore Marathon training week 10 summary

My running bud, Kevin, strong at about 19 miles at Bayshore in 2013
Well, it was a fairly big struggle for me this week.  My hamstring was giving me issues so I ended up taking off an extra day of running but I only missed 4 miles - no big deal.  I also missed a couple weights workout as well.  The only reason I missed this?  I fell on Monday about a mile into my long run.  It hurt me more than I thought.  I should have just run home but instead I finished my run on Monday and it threw me off the entire week.  The three days of yoga sure helped and not running three days in a row also helped since I rarely take off this much time.  It's amazing what one fall can do to you.

Monday - 8.02 - fell a mile into my run.  It was worse than I though and killed me the rest of the week.

Tuesday - 4.32 - slow run recovery

Wednesday - 8.01 - can't believe I even got this one done.  My hamstring started bothering me so it meant rest for the remaining week except for my half marathon.

Thursday - yoga

Friday - yoga

Saturday - yoga

Sunday - Ann Arbor Half Marathon - had a decent race considering I was not 100% but kept it under 2 hours and my streak for all road half marathons under 2 hours.

Hope your training is going well and better than my week this past week.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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  1. Hope the hammie is coming right... Hope you aren't stretching, but are strengthing your hammie. Remember you need a strong hammie not a stretched out weak hammie. thinking of you.