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Mar 10, 2014

Bayshore Marathon training week 6 Summary

Medal from my first marathon - 2011 Bayshore Marathon
Woohoo!  1/3 of the way there of 18 weeks of training!  Things are starting to feel real now.  The midweek running is getting longer and so are the long runs.

Monday - 7.07 miles, weights, yoga - got to run in my PI Trail N2's today since it snowed out and the streets were covered enough.  Good run with them.

Tuesday -  4.02 miles; still cold out but I'm hoping this is the last week of really cold weather.

Wednesday - 7.19 miles; another cold day but not terrible plus no snow which is always nice

Thursday - 4.12 miles, weights; a nice day for a run but I was happy to be done with mid-week runs.

Friday - yoga; love this day!

Saturday - 14.20 miles; a great long run with a good group.  Seems to be the theme now that everyone running is in training mode for something.  People had distances of 10 to 16 this week.

Next week is looking up.  It should be much nicer weather wise.  I'm looking forward to running in the 30's because it feels like a heat wave when I do.  I'm also testing a new pair of shoes for review so I'll get a chance to run them this week.  I also have a race next weekend - the Kona St. Patrick's Day Run where I'll be doing the 10k then the 5k right after!  First double race like that!

Hope your training is going well.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Think of your double race as a 15km race with a rest in the middle, it makes it easier than 2 races... I ran a 15km race this last weekend. (no rest in the middle!)

    1. Thanks coach. I kind of wish it were a 15k race but will be interesting because I have about 1/2 hour between races.