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Mar 3, 2014

Bayshore Marathon training summary week 6

Waiting for lunch after Bayshore marathon with my running buddy Trieu
This past week was a step back week.  While I enjoy the step back weeks to give myself a little break, there was still lots of running going on.

Monday - 6.02 miles, yoga, weights

Tuesday - 3.23 miles, yoga

Wednesday - 5.02 miles, weights

Thursday - 3.03 miles

Friday - Yoga

Saturday - 10.02 miles; had a great group of runners out with us today with various levels of pace and it was a good time.  I enjoy running with a group sometimes especially when the people running are personable.

Sunday - Rest; no running, no yoga, no weights

Total miles - 27.32 miles

Actually except for my long run on Saturday, it was pretty much a snow free run.  The streets had melted enough that I was on all pavement for the week.  We actually only got a little snow on Saturday in the last half of the run so I cannot complain too much.  Unfortunately, this week coming is a big week and the snow is back on the roads.  Ah, the joy of marathon training during Winter.  Can someone turn up the heat?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Great picture! And way to get in those miles! Winter is so hard to stay on track with running

  2. I am so over winter and I'm sure we've only had a fraction of the snow fall you have. Hang in there...we are in March...surely it won't be long now.