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Sep 12, 2013

Zoot Recovery 2.0 CRx Tight review

Zoot via Verde PR recently sent me a couple of their running items to test and review.   I received the tights discussed here and also the Men's Performance Run Etherwind Jacket that I have yet to use.  Being the weather is still warm, I've not had a chance to use it but I'm hoping for September or, for sure, October to test it out.

In the meantime, I've been testing their recovery tights.  I was really happy to have the ability to test these recovery tights.  They have been on my list of products to try.  For those of you that don't know, I'm a big believer in compression gear.  I don't typically wear compression when I'm running(except shorts) but mostly when I'm not running after a hard workout.  These are where the Zoot Recovery 2.0 CRx Tights come in.  These are made specifically for after a workout to help you recover faster. They are NOT made to run in. Here's what I was sent:

Before I get into my impression and thoughts on the product, here are some details about the Fabric from their website:
  • Fabric:
    • Places direct pressure on the muscles to prevent post-exercise swelling by forcing lactic acid out of the muscles, thus speeding post-workout recovery
    • NEW - Lighter-weight advanced polyester transports moisture away from the body to the garment's surface, spreading quickly and drying faster
    • NEW - Redesigned gusset construction for improved fit and durability
    • NEW - Redesigned foot for improved fit and comfort
    • CRx = improved blood circulation
    • ZoneRx = increased oxygen delivery to muscles
    • Dynamic X = better muscle alignment and posture
    • SilverTECH= 99.9% antimicrobial protection
    • UPF 50+ sun protection
    • 18-30mmHg
The thing I really liked about these is the fact that they go all the way from your feet to your waist for full lower body compression which I have not seen from any other company.  I've used socks, calf sleeves, leg sleeves and compression shorts and this mostly combines all three into one.

The product is very high quality and should last for the long haul.  As you can see below, the knee area is a bit lighter material for comfort around the knee but much of the other areas are specific to a particular muscle.
Knee Detail
There are areas to give you extra compression for your thighs(shown below) as well as your calves and hamstrings.  These are tight.  I mean REALLY tight and frankly, the first time I tried them on, I could not keep them on very long but over time I've grown comfortable with them and now they are tight(as they should be) but comfortable.
Zoot cut out areas for your toes and your heel.  Frankly, I think it would have been a better design to not have the cut outs but understand that sizing would probably be much harder with different foot sizes.  Regardless, it does cover much of your foot.  Given the tightness on your foot, I noticed that after wearing the tights awhile that the cut out by the heal in the bottom of my foot can dig into your foot and leave quite a mark on your skin.  If you get them on just right, this does not occur so you just need to make sure the fabric is right against the skin properly to avoid any issues

Speaking of getting them on, they take some work to get on and off properly.  I have typically gotten them on my feet, then up to my knee, then over my thigh and to my waist.  It's almost a workout in itself but once they are on, comfort awaits you.
I've slept in some of my other compression gear but have not tried to do that with these yet.  The material is on the somewhat thicker side although still breathable, however, I would probably be more comfortable wearing them all night once its cooler weather out.  I think sleeping in them will give you the best benefits for your morning run.

In regards to sizing, if you follow the measurements the company provides, they should fit properly. The size I measured and received fit me perfectly.
foot detail
The biggest benefit, of course, is a quicker recovery and I find when wearing these, that my muscles feel better for the following days run.  I know everyone does not believe in compression but I've always felt the benefits of it and if you are looking for quicker recovery, the Zoot Recovery tights would be one of your best options given their full coverage.  While they are not a low cost item, at $160, I will say that they are very well made and will last for years to come so its likely these will not need to be replaced anytime soon.

Look for my review of their Etherwind Jacket in the next 4-6 weeks.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

* Please note that I received a complementary pair of Zoot Recovery 2.1 CRx Tights in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own and I was not required to give a particular opinion, other than my own, on this review.


  1. I absolutely love every Zoot thing I own. They make very good quality products. I like the cut out for the feet. I wouldn't have been able to handle them if they were full on tights I don't think.

  2. Could this be the reason you have managed the higher miles even after you picked up a bit of ITB and said you were looking at cutting back... That says they must work!

    I love tights that hold my legs together!!!