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Sep 9, 2013

The road to indiana.....week #10

Here's hoping it does not look like this on 11/2. Yes, I worry about weather 2 months ahead - ha!
So here's the schedule and actual week for week #10 summary!!!

Monday 4 miles (Actual -  9.04 miles, weights)

Tuesday 9 miles (Actual - 4.01 miles, yoga)

Wednesday 4 miles (Actual - 9.01 miles)

Thursday 9 miles (Actual - 4.01 miles, weights, yoga)

Friday Rest (Actual - Rest)

Saturday 19 miles (Actual - 20.01 miles)

Sunday Rest (Actual - yoga)

Total miles: 46.08 miles

So I stepped it up again this week.  Over 40 miles a week is starting to feel normal now.  This was the fourth week over 40 miles and I've got a 50 mile week coming this week.  I'll be looking forward to that cut back week that will bring me back to under 40 miles.  I don't know how people run 50-70 miles a week?

This week I moved my longer mid week runs ahead since we had Labor Day off so I figured why not get them in on an off work day.  Overall still feeling fairly good.

I also passed the 1,000 mark for miles this year on my long run(1,005.44 to be exact) which I think is pretty good considering I didn't train for a marathon in the spring.  To compare, last year I was at 1,191 year to date.

8 weeks left!  Woohoo!

I hope your training is going well!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Nice job on another great week! Glad to hear you're feeling good too.

  2. I was starting to feel proud for some consistent weeks over 30.
    Training run this coming sunday. Hansons in Royal Oak. I'll meet you there at 7:50 am.

    1. Ok, Mark I'll be there at 8:20 then. Haha. Actually I'm running Paint Creek Trail that day for 20.

  3. It's easy to get to the high mile weeks if you run twice a day...