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Sep 30, 2013

The road to Indiana.....week #13

Here's the schedule and actual week:

Monday 5 miles (Actual -  10.01 miles, yoga)

Tuesday 10 miles (Actual - 7.40 miles, weights)

Wednesday 5 miles (Actual - 10.01 miles)

Thursday 10 miles (Actual - 5.01 miles, yoga, weights)

Friday Rest (Actual - 5.01 miles)

Saturday 20 miles (Actual - yoga) 

Sunday Rest (Actual - 13.07 miles) Brooksie Way Half Marathon(review tomorrow)

Total miles:   50.55 miles

So I decided to skip my third 20 miler and instead break up the miles so I ended up running an extra day this week for six days of running.  I still got in the same miles but not all at once.  Since I also have another 20 miler in two weeks and I've already done two 20 milers, I'm not worried about missing this.  This allowed me to enjoy the half marathon this past weekend instead of running 7 before it.  I'm sure I could have done it but I didn't see the purpose.  I think 3 - 20 milers is plenty.

Next week is another cut back week to 35 miles and I've also got another half marathon on Sunday again.  THAT one I plan to race.  We'll see how it goes and I'm hoping for a confidence boost with a well run half marathon.  I'd like to be under 1:40 pace and would love to PR but we shall see.

Hope your training is going well!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. So are you taking a yoga class, doing it online or with videos or just on your own? Just curious. I really want to start incorporating yoga a couple times a week once my marathon is done...don't want to start anything new right now.

    Sounds like you are going to be more than ready for this marathon. I was super happy to get in 3 - 20 mile runs this training cycle.

    1. Michael - I use an iPad app called Simply Yoga. It's perfect for any runner and you can customize the workout too. It's all from home.

  2. It's funny how I get nervious for my race in November (I race I might even race) I see your training and know I need to start putting in the 20 milers as well.

    Another nice week from you it's good to see the mile are still coming together, roll on rest week!