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Sep 23, 2013

The road to Indiana.....Week #12

Here's the schedule and actual week:

Monday 5 miles (Actual -  5.01 miles, weights, yoga)

Tuesday 6 miles (Actual - 6.20 miles)

Wednesday 5 miles (Actual - 5.01 miles, weights)

Thursday 6 miles (Actual - 6.01 miles, yoga)

Friday Rest (Actual - Rest)

Saturday 12 miles (Actual - 12.17 miles on trails)

Sunday Rest (Actual - Yoga)

Total miles:   34.40 miles

As I said last week, this week was a cut back week.  It's funny how cut back weeks, while they help you, sometimes make my legs feel worse.  That happened this week.  I actually felt better running 50 miles the week before than this week but I will say the 12 miler on Saturday was nice instead of 20 miles to run.  I enjoyed running on the trails again at Pontiac Lake.  Nobody could make it for a run on Saturday so I headed out there myself.  It was like I had the whole park to myself.  A really enjoyable run.

This week coming up will be another tough 50 mile week.  I've decided to back off of the 20 mile run though for this week.  I'll got three 20 milers in the plan so instead I'm going to run the same 50 miles but move 7 of the miles to Friday or Saturday so I can run the half by itself.  I've still got one more 20 mile run planned before the marathon.


10 miles this morning before work and yoga.  Someone wake me up at work this afternoon! Haha!


Hope your training is going well.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Another great week! I have a 50+ mile week too. Hopefully we don't get too tired (or hungry). It sounds like a good plan to switch up your schedule and run the half on its own. Good luck at Brooksie!