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Sep 26, 2013

Next up, Half #18......

Up next on Sunday is my next race, the Brooksie Way half marathon.  I always look forward to this race.  It will be my third time running it.  This one has a special place in my heart since it was the first half marathon I've ever run back in 2010, three years ago.  This will be half marathon #18 and race #54.  Apparently I like to run races?

Here's a picture from my first half in 2010 where I got to meet Frank Shorter:
My brother-in-law, Frank Shorter, and me!
In 2011, I didn't run it because I was worried about doing well on my 20 mile training run(haha - stupid) so I went and spectated instead.  Here's the eventual winner below in 2011.  It was fun to see everyone running and enjoying themselves.

Then last year I went back again.  I actually had a marathon in 2012 but I really wanted to run it again especially since last year was the fifth anniversary of the race.  I ended up running a 10 mile training run the day before and finishing out this race with a 54 mile week - the most I've ever run in a week and I almost PR'd as well(off by about a minute).  It was a great race for me last year and a huge confidence boost for the marathon.  Here's a picture after the race of several running friends in the area.  My running buddy, Trieu, took the picture who has gone to lots of races with me.
Josh, Matt, Me, and Janet
This year I'll be running with my other running buddy, Kevin as well as Trieu and I know that Josh will be there as well.  One of the great things about this race is that it's nice and close for me and I seem to see lots of people that I know.  The plan is to run this as a hard training run but not to race and try for a PR since I want to do that the following weekend at the Sleeping Bear Half Marathon.  I look forward to reviewing this years race for you.


Five miles on the schedule today.  Done!  It's been an incredible week for running here in Michigan.


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Is that next week and not tomorrow? I won't be running any races this weekend, but next week I should be back on the race road...

    1. Coach - racing on Sunday and then the following Sunday as well. My race a week from Sunday will be that - my test to see how my fitness is for the marathon.