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Sep 22, 2013

A Christmas Story virtual 10k.......

Borrowed from their website, HERE

So this is it.  I signed up for my last race of the year.  It's the A Christmas Story 10k.  While they have an actual race in Cleveland, and it's not that far of drive to it(3.5 hours), they also offer a virtual race option which is what I opted for.  You get a long sleeve race shirt, bib, and medal with the race packet being delivered on or before December 1 for $54 total.  Is it expensive - yes but I love the theme and if I lived in Cleveland, I'd run the actual race.

The proceeds of the race will go towards A Christmas Story House Neighborhood Restoration Project.
The home - via their website, HERE
They are offering a virtual option to anyone in the US and you can also sign up internationally as well as under an International Military Run.  It's a great idea.  You can even switch to the actual race if for some reason you might end up being in Cleveland that day too.  So, of course, the main reason for doing this race?  This:
The medal
Of course, who wouldn't want to win a "major award" afterall?  Haha!  This is an awesome medal!!!!

For those in the Detroit area, if you sign up for it(or even if you don't), I'll put together some information so a group of us can run this virtual race together most likely at Stony Creek since it's easy to get a 10k out of it being one loop around the lake is 6 miles.  I'm planning for December 7th so mark your calendars and I'll follow up with a flyer about it.  Also, you need to sign up for the virtual race HERE by November 15th in order to get your race packet.

This should be a fun one!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. A Christmas Story is my favorite holiday movie! $54 is expensive but I feel as though I really need that medal... it is a major award.

  2. Too much $ for me, though I would like the shirt & medal. Might be able to run with you though.

    Cleveland tries to claim Christmas Story, but the real setting is based on Hammond, Indiana (I think he calls it Hohman in the books, which is a main street in the city.) Jean Shepard, who wrote the book on which the movie was based, grew up there. He was a few years older than my Grandfather, but I like to imagine that he hung out with Ralphie and the gang back in the day. The school looked just like the one my mom attended for a couple years (it was torn down a few years ago for a new school.)

    1. Never knew this Josh. I'll let you know when I have details. Should be soon.

  3. Fun fact: It was set in Indiana but filmed in Cleveland -- the movie gives a nod to this when Ralphie says his house was on Cleveland Street. (Yes I am obsessed with the move -- I watch it at least three times every Christmas Eve-Christmas Day marathon.)

    ANYWAY, I'm interested in this semi-organized run of yours if you want to put me on the 'maybe' list. But, I'm also trying to talk my husband into the Drumstick Double at the Turkey Trot this year, and he's not really a runner -- so I might have to pick one to try to pressure him into. =)