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Sep 20, 2013

Balega hidden comfort, hidden contour, blister resist socks review

Balega via Verde PR recently sent me several pairs of their socks to try.  I've also done a review of their Balega Ultra Light running socks as well, which I loved.(review HERE)

I'm always looking for great running socks to try and since I had a great experience with their Ultra light running socks and Balega has a great reputation, I was happy to try these out.  All three of the socks are a medium weight sock.  The Hidden contour and Hidden comfort are very similar.  Really the only different I saw between the two were the Hiddon contour had maybe a little more elasticity by your ankle and mid foot.  Of course, also the colors were different being bright orange and grey with green.  In regards to feel, they both felt like the same sock.  While there were very minor differences, they really had 95% of the same features.  In fact, if you review their website(HERE), they show the exact same features.  I think it would make sense for the company to show the differences on their website better so runners know what to choose.

The blister resist pair were different in that they had less Dryamix Mohair and also had wool in them(35%).  In my opinion, these felt like they kept my feet cooler in the warmer temperatures.  Other than that, they felt very similar to the other pairs in regards to fit and size.

In regards to comfort, they were all comfortable.  I ran in them mostly in weather from 50-80 degrees which is when most runners would likely wear these.  While they do wick moisture, the higher temperatures as well as the heavier weight, had them soaking wet when I finished running in them.  I will say, though, that I did not experience any blisters in any of the socks which really is the key to a good running sock - at least one of the keys.

I would guess, given the thickness, that these will perform better, for me, during cold temperatures.  I'll be especially interested to try the blister resist pair out during winter conditions since they have wool in them which should help keep my feet warmer during the coldest of runs.

Sorry to say that I cannot give them a glowing review.  Yes, they are a nice pair of socks, but for me, I would choose more towards their ultra light pairs.  I love a sock that gives me a snug fit, even with compression, and something that does not move around when running.  While the socks remained in place when running, it just felt like these were moving slightly as I ran which I did not care for.  Because of this, I could not see myself running in these for a anything more than the 10k distance yet the ultra light pair I reviewed earlier this year, I could run a marathon in.  So while I'd wear these for shorter training or shorter races, in my personal opinion, they don't fit what I'd want for long distances.

I will say that they do have a huge selection of the types of running socks they sell and I'm sure there is a style that would fit you well.  Head up to your local running store and try a pair to get what you like the best.  You can also visit their pages:

Click HERE for their website.

Click HERE for their Facebook page.

Click HERE for their Twitter page.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!

 * Note - I received several pairs of Balega socks in exchange for this review.  All opinions on this blog post are my own and I was not paid or required to give a particular opinion on the product.


  1. Super curious about those blister resist. I have been having issues and am begging for a solution! Maybe I'll try those out.

  2. Thanks for your post and review!
    -Verde PR

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