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Sep 3, 2013

The road to Indiana.....week #9

Week #9

This last week was a cut back week but it sure didn't feel like it.  It's been a struggle for me.  I think my one mile race - yes, just the mile race - was my demise!  I ran so fast and I was not used to it and my body is struggling.  Of course, a 10 mile race the next day probably did not help either - haha!

Here's the schedule and actual week.

Monday 4 miles (Actual -  4.01 miles, weights, yoga)

Tuesday 9 miles (Actual - 9.01 miles, weights, yoga)

Wednesday 4 miles (Actual - 4.01 miles)

Thursday 9 miles (Actual - 9.01 miles)

Friday Rest (Actual - Yoga)

Saturday 13.1 miles (Actual - 14.02 miles, 6.62 miles on the bike with my son)

Sunday Rest (Actual - yoga)

Races:  Four races this month so lots of racing!!!  Go HERE for all reviews.

Total run mileage: 40.06 miles
Total bike mileage:  6.62 miles

We will see how this coming week goes.  I already seem to be getting back to myself again.


4 miles today.  I switched up my 9 mile and 4 mile runs this week so that I could do nine on Monday and rest a little after instead of going to work.  I think that worked out well overall.


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. 40 miles a cut back? I don't even know you anymore.

  2. It is pretty interesting how marathon training works. Suddenly the definition of a long run changes. A week is considered cutting back, yet you're still running a half marathon. Pretty impressive! You're right about how throwing speed into the mix can really wreck you when your body isn't used to it. Hopefully things go smoothly this week. Cooler temps sure will feel nice!

  3. Good grief 40 miles in a cut back week! Wowza!

  4. Love the Keep Calm and Struggle On. May I steal? I bet that one mile race did a number on you!! Amazing what a monkey wrench one thing out of our comfort zone will cause. Best wishes for this week!

  5. does that mean you are going to get to 50-60 miles as you bump up the miles!!!!

  6. You are doing great and your mileage and how you are feeling it shows it. Just keep at it, you will be great.

  7. Even with 21 miler this upcoming weekend, I'll still be under 40 miles!! You are really killing it Jeff!

    1. Following Intermediate II for Hal Higdon plan. Thanks.