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Sep 13, 2013

Blog freebies!!!!

As some of you may know, one of the many advantages to reading blogs, other than learning about what interests you,(and for me that's endurance sports) is contests for free stuff.  Frankly, you could spend hours entering contests for stuff and while I do some of it, I don't try on every site.  I did enter Beth's contest over at Discom-BOB-ulated Running and I won!!!!

A Keurig Brew of Ice kit, which included a lighted ice bucket, a couple cold drinks for the Keurig, a mug, togs and straws.  I thought it was worth a try.  Here's what I won:

Of course, another reason to read Beth's blog is she's going to be training for Ironman!!  How aweome!  Check out her blog to follow her progress.

I've also won other things on other blogs such as socks, shoes, race entries and I even won a $100 Visa gift card once as well.  Sometime there are lots of entries and sometimes very little but it's fun to try.  Normally I go after running related items.

So, do you enter contest on blogs? Why or why not?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I do not enter because 9 out of 10 times you have to do something on facebook or tweet something, and I am one of the minority that does not have a facebook page or a twitter account.

  2. I Enter for things that I'm interested in... All the time! Haven't won anything yet though. :(

  3. Yay! Thanks for the shout out. So glad you got your stuff. I loved the coffee and vitamin water one. :)

  4. I've won a pair of shoes and $50 worth of Wholly Guacamole. But I don't try too hard (well except for the shoes, I really wanted them, so I entered every way, every day).

  5. I enter contests when there is a prize I'm interested in (I don't enter to get something I wouldn't use). I've won a personalized shirt, 1band id (from you), just won some EcoTrek fitness bars from Alexis this week and race entries (Facebook). The nice thing about blog contests is that the odds are often pretty good to win.

  6. I enter for things I'm interested in. And, how interested I am depends on how/how many ways I'll enter. For something kinda neat, I'll leave a blog or FB comment, but for contests that have extra entries by tweeting or otherwise promoting I've got to REALLY want it to go through all of that!

  7. I enter if it is something I would want too and I have been lucky enough to win a couple. Always awesome to win free stuff :)

  8. I enter them if it's something I really want. In fact, I've won a SPI-belt and a Sony MP3 player from your blog :)

  9. I enter for things I'd like but have never won anything. I don't do the Twitter thingy so for things that Twitter is part of the entry process I can't enter.
    I've never won from a blog but I did win an entry to the CRIM and a bus ride there at an Ann Arbor fitness expo back in the spring but ended up not being able to go. I just couldn't fit it into my training for Chicago because I was already rearranging so I could go to Mackinac Island on my birthday and run their 8 mile race when I should have been running 20 miles!



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