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Apr 16, 2013

Runners United to Remember - I ran this morning

Today's run was decided to the people effected by the tragic event at yesterday's Boston marathon.  So sad and so senseless and my prayers go out to the people effected by this.  Interested in running for the awareness?  Below is a race bib from Run Junkees Facebook page.  You can join HERE if you are interested in dedicating a run to Boston through 5/4/13.  Not a fundraiser!

I ran 4.09 miles today.  The time on the marathon clock at the time of bombing.
The race shirt is from my first half marathon
I'll be running #13 on Sunday in Lansing
Thanks to Run Junkees for putting run bib out there
Borrowed from Running Warehouse Facebook page
The running community is strong.  Now it's even stronger.

(Today's post was supposed to be my Tuesday meal series which will resume next week)

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Good stuff Jeff. It feels like marathon finishes won't ever be the same, much like 9/11 changed air travel.

    1. I understand your point but the finish still remains a good part of the race for me(and hopefully most)

  2. I agree, it seems like everytime I approach a finish line, i will be acutely aware of the possibility of danger, which is a shame, as most of the time those moments are filled with either euphoria or pain.

  3. So incredibly sad. I'm running today after work. I think it's a great idea to dedicate 13 on Saturday!

  4. It's still numbing to think about all that happened. I really can't wrap my brain around it.
    And I love your idea of running 4.09 miles. I was trying to figure out a good distance to run to dedicate to those lost, and I think you helped me find it.

    Prayers to all

  5. Love this Jeff, just like I love the running community. Definitely will be doing the same. We are strong and united.

  6. Such a terrible tragedy. I ran for Boston today too. This just breaks my heart.

  7. I love this. I ran today too, but rather than do something different than planned, I wanted to stick with MY plan and run my track workout as planned. This terrorists will not deter me!

    Nice race shirt. I have that one. It was the race I did after I got injured training for Detroit, where I had hoped to BQ. A half was all I could muster, yet I still had a PR. The Boston dream is still alive.

    1. I actually had 4 on my schedule but added the .09 to it.



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