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Apr 12, 2013

RecoFit Full leg compression sleeves review

A few weeks ago, I contacted RecoFit about one of their products to test in regards to compression.  I'm really a very big fan of compression and I've tested and reviewed compression sleeves and socks in the past.  I think compression wear helps keep the runner running and helps them recover quicker and perform to your fullest potential.

I was really looking for a compression item that would cover my entire leg after a hard workout.   RecoFit had just what I was looking for in regards to a full leg compression sleeve.  RecoFit is a small Colorado based company owned by a fellow runner.

I love when company's are born out of a need that runner had and this is exactly the story of RecoFit.  I also feel that company's such as this have a great passion for our sport and truly want to help all runners out there.  The company also specializes in other compression gear products including Calf compression, Shin splint therapy and arm coolers.

Here's a look at what I received:
As you can see, these are full leg compression and not just for calves.  There are not many companies out there that make a product like this.  While I think that calf sleeves are also great(and RecoFit makes those as well), I needed my whole leg to recover and these were the solution.

Here are some of the main features that I liked about the full leg compression:

First, the sleeves are very well made.  The stitching on these are high quality and should last through many, many years of use.  You can tell just when taking them out of the package that these are going to stand up to regular use.  In fact, they have already been washed several times already.

I also like how they fit at the top of your leg.
Gripper style top
As you can see above, there is Hypo-allergenic Silicone on the gripper.  This helps keep these in place.  I've used products before that slip down all the time - THESE STAY IN PLACE.  I read that some people use these for running as well.  While you could do that, I don't see these as the main purpose.  These are made for recovery after your run.  Given how they are made though, you could run with them if you choose.  I did not run in them.
Special breathability in the knee keeps these comfortable
I also like how they made the bend in the knee.  It not only helps reduce the heat and moisture in your leg, it keeps your legs feeling comfortably cool.  Of course, if they are not comfortable, you are not going to use them.

I like how they fit overall on my legs.  They have the right amount of compression where you need it most so you can recover quickly after your run.

I could also see using these on a regular basis after a marathon or half marathon(or any race for that matter) in addition to your regular training.  These would especially come in handy after a race where you need to drive for 2+ hours or get on a plane after a race.  Why not try and help your legs recover while traveling back home?  When I ran the Flying Pig marathon last year, I had a 5 hour drive home right after the marathon - I wished I had had a product like this for that trip home.

Here's the benefits to the leg sleeves according to RecoFit:
I agree with everything on here!
Here's a look of their fit.  I'm not a guy who likes to show this part of his body but you get the idea that these fit as they should.  Sizing is based on your height and weight and the sizing chart on their website was true to size.
Perfect after a race.  Keeping it modest with shorts
You can see how these cover your entire leg and how the knee bend fits
Feels good and not too restrictive
So if you feel you need more than just your calves, like I do, to recover after your race or after your training run, pick up a pair of the RecoFit Full Leg Compression sleeves.  You'll be happy with your purchase.

Interested in learning more?

Go to their website, HERE.

Go to their Facebook page, HERE.

Go to their Twitter page, HERE.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

* Note - I received a pair of RecoFit leg sleeves in exchange for this review.  All opinions on this blog post are my own and I was not paid or required to give a particular opinion on the product.


  1. I've never seen full leg sleeves before...that's pretty nifty!! Thanks for sharing! :0)

  2. Love the review - here is some other Compression gear to check out.

  3. Great review! I don't have full leg sleeves but I do own a pair of calf compression sleeves which I bought from Amazon called CompressionZ. They're very durable and fits great! I use them while working out and they're very comfortable to use.

  4. Looks good on you! I also own a pair of CompressionZ compression sleeves and so far, they're the best I've tried! great buy and great quality