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Apr 14, 2013

My experience at the foot doctor

So on Thursday, I decided to go to an appointment to see the foot doctor.  I was referred by my running buddy, Kevin, who has used him before.  Not only is he a foot doctor, he's also a runner/marathoner, so I knew he would understand how I felt.

The first thing they did is a full X-ray of both my feet so he could see if there are any issues.  The nurse also took my blood pressure and pulse.  Both normal.  In fact, my pulse was 43 at that was after a day of work!  Yeah running!
Not my foot but looked like this
The reason I went in to see him is that I thought I was developing a bunion.  Fortunately I'm not.  In fact, he said that all my joints looks very good.  There was a small amount of arthritis and a small bursitis in my foot near my big toe but nothing to worry about at all and nothing to do for it.  The pain I've gotten has mostly been while at work and not when running.  Not once did he say to stop running.

He had a couple of solutions for me, some of which I took and some I didn't:

1) Ice the foot after runs to help ease any pain.  I don't really have any issues with pain unless it's longer distances(over 10-15 miles).  Even yesterday's run, I did over 12 miles and instead of pain, it was more annoying and it does not hurt during my run - only after.

2) Change my work shoes.  I wear wingtips to work daily that are not very foot friendly.  Read - tight toe box.  He actually suggested wearing these:
Brooks addiction walker
Now, these are motion control and I'm not sure I really need that part(except maybe for walking) but they have a wide toe box and I bought them and wore them on Friday and my foot didn't hurt at all, all day.  Of course, they don't go that great with a full suit on but I can get away with these for most days at work.

3) He suggested a Cortisone shot in that area.  He said it would be a one and done kine of thing.  I was very hesitant for this.  I didn't feet it hurt enough that I needed to get a shot for it so I decided to pass on this for now.  He didn't push it either.  I would also have been able to run the very next morning which I was surprised about.  He said it would feel like I got a tetanus shot.

So the next step is to wear the new work shoes, ice after longer runs and then go back and see him in a month.  He also wants to see my running shoes(little does he know I have about 8 pair in rotation) to see how they are wearing.  Of course, as a blogger, I review many different kinds so it might be hard to pinpoint the shoe that may have started any issues(if it even started there).  Every shoe I've tested(or are testing now) has a wide toe box which is my preference.

So as you get issues, do not fear seeing the doctor.  Look for one that is a runner.  My regular doctor(who happens to be my brother-in-law) was also a runner and got me into it.  I'm glad that I did go see him and didn't just let things go.  I think these changes will make a difference.  In fact, my foot is already feeling much better.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Look at you with a pulse of 43...rockstar! Mine is usually in the high 50's, low 60's. Glad you were able to get some answers about your feet - hope icing and new work shoes help! :0)

  2. I don't need motion control shoes to run, but I do wear them at work as well and they take away all my foot pain. I wear the brooks addiction as well, though I added prostep orthotics to them too. There are "dressy" equivalents to these types of shoes. I have had luck with Allegria and Mephisto. A specialty/comfort shoe store could help you out. I have been to Mast Shoes in Ann Arbor (referred there by my podiatrist), but I'm sure there is an equivalent closer to you.

  3. Thanks Ty. I'll have to look into that as well. It would be nice to have something that looks good with a suit.

  4. glad to hear it's not too serious! Going to the doctor is always sort of intimidating, especially when you're expecting the worst. Definitely a plus when they don't jump to "You need to stop running" hopefully the shoes and ice help!

  5. Wow, 43? Nice. Looks like all the working out is really paying off.

    Urgh, motion control shoes are the only way I can run. They are super supportive and stable and without them, I have pain when/after I run. I honestly own no stylish shoes. And almost all my shoes have Medicare numbers - I always tell people I only wear geriatric shoes.

    Good luck.

  6. Thanks Ty. i am going to have to be compelled to examine that still. it might be nice to own one thing that appears sensible with a suit.