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Apr 20, 2013

Boston marathon talk

* Please not that this post was written the day before this year's Boston Marathon *

So with all the talk of the Boston Marathon this week, I've been stalking reviewing the Boston Marathon website for more details on what the actual rules were for qualifying.  You see, I'm not fast.  Well, I'm not really fast as in Boston Marathon qualifying fast, so I've always figured I needed to either get faster or get older.  My hope is that I can at least maintain my speed as I continue to get older with better chances to qualify.

As you may or may not know, last October I ran a 3:38:20 in Grand Rapids.  Unfortunately it burnt me out.  I took time off but I'm afraid I lost some of my speed.  Of course, I have not been running the miles I did last year and have focused on fun and the half marathon.  For those that have run a marathon(or are about too) you know what I mean. The longer miles tend to wear on you.

Of course, it seems every year the Boston Marathon time comes, I get so jealous excited to see everyone there that worked hard to qualify.  For some, it's no big deal and they qualify every year.  For me, it seems impossible time requirements go down.

So my preference is to try and qualify for the 2015 Boston Marathon. Why? Because that means in 2014, and probably actually the fall of 2013 from the way I read the marathon qualifying rules, my time requirements will go down by a full 10 minutes!!!  Right now my qualifying time(m40-44) is 3:15:00 and from what I read, you needed to be about 2 minutes ahead of that time to actually get in.  My new qualifying time(m45-49) goes to 3:25:00 in the fall of 2013(when I can qualify for 2015).

Yes, a 3:25:00 is still a really fast marathon for me but it would now close the gap by 13:20 minutes which means I really probably need to run at least a 3:22:00 to get in(16:20 to make up)(I think).  That's a pace of 7:42 PER mile!  Yikes, I'm scared just thinking about it...........however, I did run the Brooksie Way half marathon in 2012 with a pace of 7:42 and that was after running 10 miles the day before so I think I could have run that even faster.  Plus it's a hilly, tough half.

Of course, a half marathon does not equate to a full marathon.  Far from it.  Really far!  Ha.  I do think with hard work, speedwork(which I hate), and focused training, this just might be possible.  The plan would be to try and qualify sometime in 2014 -- likely in the spring yeah for winter training  Frankly a spring marathon would probably be best though since it would give me a year between qualifying and Boston (or give me a chance to try in the early fall of 2014 if I don't make it in the spring)

I also have to keep in mind that this also assumes that they don't make the qualifying standards even tougher which could happen. I'm hoping not though considering they just changed the way you qualify.

So that's the possible plan, run a marathon in 2014. Qualify? Hopefully.

So what marathon should I choose? Bayshore - where i did my first marathon? Somewhere else? What's your suggestions?


As I said, the post above was written the day before the marathon.  In all likelyhood, the ability to get into the marathon after the bombing incidents will be much more difficult since it appears the events have created a strong demand to get into it - certainly understandable.  Regardless, if I ever did get in, this is what I'd be thinking of:

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Have you looked at Glass City in Toledo or Carmel in Indiana? Both I hear are great qualifying races, both are in the spring (April) and both are relatively flat/fast courses....Good luck!!

  2. Have you looked at Glass City in Toledo or Carmel in Indiana? Both I hear are great qualifying races, both are in the spring (April) and both are relatively flat/fast courses....Good luck!!

    1. I ran Glass City half and its a great race! I've heard good things about Carmel too but will look into it more. Thanks.

  3. Jeff, I think you have it in you. And yes, doing it right before your time goes down is a great way to do it. Remember, it is your age 'on marathon day', not when you qualify, so, depending on your birthday you can take advantage of it. What is tough is when you are trained and in the right shape, but then bad weather hits.

  4. I think if you train for it, you could get in. I have no desire whatsoever to do a full. Although, once upon a time I never wanted to do a half, either...go figure! We will be here to cheer you across the finish line!

  5. I think the only way I'll get there is by charity runner and those will be hot commodities now, more than before. Best of luck Jeff! I understand the desire now more than ever to run there.

  6. I definitely think that you could do it, Jeff. You're a very determined racer.