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Apr 5, 2013

Great Lakes Bay Half Marathon Course

My next race ambassadorship is with the Great Lakes Bay Half Marathon.  This race will be held on May 19th in Midland, Michigan.  Never heard of the race before?  The race name is new.  It used to be called the Qualifier.  If any of you ran it last year, it was super hot!  I remember because I ran a race that year and it was crazy!  I'm hoping for a little cooler weather but I'll be happy with dry.

This race is not only going to be a new race for me, the course has also been completely redesigned from the previous year.  I've studied the course(part of my ambassador duties) and it looks like an incredible route.  I'm not sure who designed it but it appeals to me and I think will be very popular this year.

Take a look:
You will notice that it's got some hills so this is not a completely flat course.  In addition, the course runs through part of the trail.  I love that part and cannot wait to see what it looks like there.  It also ends in a stadium - Dow Diamond.  Very cool finish!

Here's a look at where we will finish:
Dow Diamond, Midland
Dow Diamond
Interested in learning more and joining me for this half or full marathon?  Click HERE to go to their website to register now!


Ran 10 miles today out on the Paint Creek trail.  It was glorious out there!  A fantastic long run.  I was feeling really good today so I pushed the pace to 8:18 pace from my normal long run pace of 9:15-9:30.  Not many people out there this morning - probably because they were all working.  I took today off.


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!

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  1. Great job on 10 miles today! Hope you have a great weekend!