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Apr 27, 2013

Paint Creek Trail run today.....

We went out on the trails this morning.  A nice flat run on the Paint Creek trail.  I love it out there and my plan is to be out there more than Stony now that the weather is starting to cooperate a little more.  We started off at the Paint Creek Cider Mill for a change of scenery.
Paint Creek Cider Mill
The plan was to do a 10 mile run today with an out and back.  This would take us to the end of the trail in Lake Orion and back.  The weather was outstanding!

Things started off a little chillier than we thought(about 38 degrees) but excellent running weather.  I brought a thin running jacket and probably didn't need to bring that since it came off after we got to Lake Orion.

These two pictures are two of my favorite parts of the trail:
Nice Pond
Wooden bridge
There nothing like running by some nice scenery and under a wooden bridge.  Overall another successful run on the trails.  Next weekend, the plan is for another 10 mile run out at the Pontiac Lake Recreation area.

The Stay in the Shade organization is doing a 10 mile training run on the trails there with support at the start and finish and half way through as well.  All for free!  If you are interested, think about joining us out there.

While I love doing road races, training on the trails help save my legs from the pounding of asphalt and cement from during the week.  Plus if you run the right trails, it can help strengthen your legs from the uneven surfaces for road racing.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Do you ever just go on a boring neighborhood run? Man, every post is somewhere really awesome and interesting!

  2. Nice! Looks like spring is finally springing!

  3. This is my favorite place to run. I ran it yesterday from Lake Orion to Paint Creek cider mill and back. It's nice to see green grass.

  4. Beautiful trail, gorgeous day and great pictures.

  5. Wow that trail looks beautiful...I need to find some trails to run around here, been hoping to mix that in for a while. There you go inspiring me again!

  6. I love Paint Creek Trail! One of my favorite running spots :-)

  7. I love Paint Creek Trail! One of my favorite running spots :-)