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Apr 19, 2013

2 days - Lucky half marathon #13

Half marathon #13 - 2 days.
Courtesy of Lansing Marathon website
I'll be running the Lansing Half marathon.  Given all the rain we have been having, they had to make a last minute change to the course due to flooding.  I can't imagine the amount of added stress and pressure this adds to the race staff and appreciate them looking for alternatives so we can still run a safe half marathon.

For you marathoners out there - this is a double loop course.  Yikes - so glad I didn't sign up for the full marathon.  I cannot imagine running a double loop marathon.   At least I'd never purposely sign up for it.

Looks like it might be a bit chilly on race day with temperatures to start at about 35 degrees and finish of around 43 degrees.  Looks like I'll be wearing tights and a thin jacket.  On the plus side, it's going to be sunny.


40 minutes of yoga today - loved it!


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I went to my first yoga class last night. I wasn't a fan of the heat but man do I feel great this morning.

    Good luck this weekend!!

  2. Have a great race! Most of our marathons are double lappers. main reason is traffic control and obviously half the number of helpers needed. I have run many double lap marathons. Have a great weekend!

  3. Enjoy yourself, and thanks again for your thoughtful offer, btw. Many months ago, I was torn between the Lansing full, Toledo full, or Bayshore. My michigan blue blood is part of what made me not enter the Lansing territory. Have fun.

  4. Good luck at your race Jeff! I just ran my first half last weekend up here in London Ontario and our race location was changed just a couple days prior due to flooding as well. We ended up having to do two loops for the half; while it wasn't ideal, it was certainly a great job on the part of the organizers to deal with the change.

  5. Good luck and have a great race! I love pairing yoga with running...they complement each other well.

  6. Good luck to you! Have a great race!! :0)

  7. Good luck this weekend Jeff! Have a great race.



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