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Apr 18, 2013

My Tri adventure continues.....

So most of you know that I've signed up for my first triathlon(just a sprint) in August.  Besides for the swim scaring the crap out of me, I pretty much feared this:

Yes, it's my first Tri specific outfit.  I've spectated a triathlon before, and I know that not everyone has just 6% bodyfat to fit into these things, right?  Holy crap this stuff is tight.  I don't mind the tri shorts since I run in compression shorts but this top is tight(and fits).  On top of that, this is made to NOT be as tight but I guess it needs to be somewhat fitting since I need to be able to swim, bike and run in it and not chafe as well.  I also need to get used to no sleeves.  I never run sleeveless.

Hmmmmmm.........the saga continues.


3 miles today in the lightning but it was dry out.  The fun of getting hit by lightning kept me moving fast this morning.


Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


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  2. Nice! I hate mine too! There are plenty of tri tops with sleeves though you know :)

  3. If I made it through a 1/4 mile swim without drowning - anybody can!! I am so not a swimmer.
    In the only triathlon I've done, I was last in my age group in the swim, in the middle for the bike and 3rd (only 2 secs behind 2nd) for the run. None of the individual events count for anything but it sure made me feel better knowing! During the run, I passed a million people, even dudes in fancy triathlon suits! (well, maybe not a million but it felt like it!) With your running experience, I'm sure your run will be like that! And...I did it in just regular ole running clothes!

  4. Ya I haven't been able to bring myself to buy a full suit was a big enough step to wear the shorts! Not such a big deal now after a full winter running in tights I suppose.
    Like the others here have said, triathlons are a lot of fun...just get through that swim and enjoy yourself.

  5. yay! I did my first swim of the season today after an eight month hiatus since my last triathlon! I still hate it -- runner at heart, always ;) but I think you'll REALLY enjoy triathlons! have fun!



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