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May 3, 2012

Summary of Marathon #3 Training

Rest day on the schedule today.


Here's a quick recap of the running that I did in order to prepare for the Flying Pig on Sunday:
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18 weeks, 570 miles not including the marathon itself.  It sure seems like a lot of mileage just to run 26.2 miles, doesn't it?  I pretty much used the Hal Higdon Intermediate plan with some slight modifications.  I also ran several races including a 10k and two half marathons.

I did not do the back to back Saturday/Sunday runs he suggested but I did do four runs in a row and even sometimes 5 runs.  The back to back Sat/Sun runs just did not seem to work for me when I first started training for my first marathon so I switched things up.  It seemed to work well for my second marathon training and I believe it worked well for this one as well.

My next marathon, in October, I had planned to switch to the Intermediate II plan but I'm rethinking this as it's really a lot of miles and I'm not sure I'm up to it -- especially since I'd have to run 2 - 10 milers during the week before work at some point in the training.

Have  a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. So you've done enough running to break 4 hours again, the question is how much under can you go? This will depend on how you run the race, so lets hope you put together the perfect race plan and run a big PR this weekend...

    1. Sorry coach. I'm up for 4 hours but it's going to be HOT and HUMID and I have not run in either this year so I'm expecting a personal I'll just have fun!