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May 24, 2012

Clean Bottle Review

5 miles on the schedule today....done.  Felt pretty good overall too!


A few weeks ago I was sent the clean bottle.  I contacted the company asking about a review of this bottle.  Since I've been running, I have been using a water bottle to run with not only with training runs of all distances but also all races.  It helps me shave off a little time at races so I don't have to stop as much.  These bottles are also great on the bike as well but I use them solely for running.

Here's what I was sent:

An original Clean Bottle and The Runner Clean Bottle.  The Runner is used for.....running!  Ha.  Of course, that's why it's called the runner.  It has a space for your phone/keys/money/etc.  It also comes with room to hold two GU in a very unique way which I'll show you in pictures.

The basic premise of the Clean Bottle is that the top and the bottom comes off so that you can really clean the thing well.  Sometimes water bottles can get nasty if you don't take care of them and this unit makes it easy to do that.  Take a look:
Bottle top
I can tell you I was really skeptical about having a bottom that opened, trust me that this really works.  It has not leaked once and I have run both short and long with this.
Bottle bottom - you can see the seal that holds the water in
Body of bottle
You can see right through it!
The opening is quite large so it's very easy to get your favorite beverage in the container.
Very easy to fill
As you can see above, with the top and bottom off, you can clean it easily.  My biggest concern with this product is worry about it leaking.  It doesn't - it's that simple.  The design on this is made well.  Also, on other bottles I have tried, the top sometimes leaks especially if it's turned upside down.  I turned the Clean Bottle every which way.  I shook it like crazy and it still didn't leak.  Score one for the Clean Bottle.

Some other features of the Clean Bottle Runner are:

Place to store your phone.  This can fit an iphone.  It fit my blackberry just fine as you can see it in the picture below.  It will fit phones up to 2.5 by 5 inches.  There also a little sleeve inside where the phone goes to allow for a credit card or some money.  Another nice feature is the flat bottom.  Other bottles I've owned had a wrap around bottom for the holder but this does not need that since it's built between the bottom of the bottle and the body.  A great feature because you don't have to worry about the bottle tipping over on you.

Clean bottle with phone
It has a reflective strap.  This is always a nice feature especially for people that run in the dark like me.  Any additional reflective straps I can get to help cars see me, the better.
Reflective hand strap
A really unique feature, or at least one I have not seen on a running water bottle before, is the ability to hold gel.  In this case, what is unigue is that it can be held on the strap above where your hand goes so you don't have to use the space where your phone goes to store gel.  Personally I thought that was a great design.
Gel straps
On the exterior, behind where your phone goes, is another little pocket to store things.  In this case, you can see I've got my ipod in there and it fits perfectly.  I also happen to like it there so that it really does not get wet/sweaty.
I'm not really a big fan of carrying my phone with me when I run so I also tried out the bottle by putting in my car keys, complete with the remote control, credit cards, money - you name it and it almost fits here.  You could also put in more gel if you wanted.

In regards to comfort, I took two pictures of the handle to show you how it goes around your hand.  It's quite comfortable and I had no problems carrying it.  The longest run I've used it on so far is a half marathon race and I didn't even notice I was carrying it --- until I needed water and there was no water station around!

Overall, the product is made really well and was a well thought out design for runners.  If you are considering getting a new water bottle, I suggest you put this one on your list.  It's now become my "go to" bottle of choice for all my daily training runs and races.

Interested in learning more:

Check out their website:  HERE

"Like" them on Facebook:  HERE

"Follow" them on Twitter:  HERE

They have a deal on their website right now where you can get two bottle as I've reviewed here for a special price of $29.80.  You will be happy you tried it.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. wow, i really like that bottle a lot! While i love my camelbak water bottle,this one looks even cooler. I may have to keep them in mind!

  2. Thanks for this review - I may have to try it. Right now I've been using a small 12 oz. bottle which has been great. I like to have my phone with me just in case, and I can't consistently get my Spibelt to stay put every time I run. It drives me crazy when I have to mess with the belt while I run, so maybe this could be a better solution for me.

  3. I was surprised that the bottles didn't leak at all, but the quality is really top notch!

  4. Dude, I was just looking at one like this at the store today. I didn't buy it though. I went ahead and ordered the runner with the two bottles. I hope it gets here before marathon day!!

  5. Wow, great review! I have known for the past few weeks that it is time for me to get a hand held water bottle, and I think this will be the one! Thanks Jeff!