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May 5, 2012

Deferral? Nah!

So here's the weather for tomorrow's marathon in Cincinnati:

Now if it was August, I would not be worried because I would have ran in warm weather already but I have not run in anything over 60 degrees this year.  It's going to be interesting - that is for sure!  Even the Flying Pig officials are worried(see below) but the temps have gotten even worse.

Flying Pig Marathon offers Registration Deferrals
Because of the forecast of above-average temperatures for Sunday’s 14th running of the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, the Marathon will be offering Sunday participants the option of deferring their entry one year, to the 2013 Flying Pig Marathon.

“The safety of our participants is our utmost concern,” said Iris Simpson-Bush, executive director. “We know some of our runners and walkers who have not trained in warmer weather may not feel comfortable participating in temperatures like we are expecting.”

The forecast calls for Sunday temperatures at the 6:30 a.m. start time to be around 63 degrees, with the temperature around noon to be close to 75 degrees.

Those who choose to defer to 2013 will need to pick up their bib packets either Friday or Saturday at the Flying Pig P&G Health & Fitness Expo at the Duke Energy Convention Center, then turn it back in. Those deferring will not receive the entry amenities, including this year’s tote bag, technical shirt and poster.

The Flying Pig Marathon has fluid stations along every mile of both the full and half marathon courses and has a meteorologist on site for frequent weather and temperature updates. The Marathon also has a communications and flagging system in place along the course to signal changing weather course conditions. Yellow flags mean proceed with caution, red flags mean proceed at your own risk and black flags mean the event has been suspended and clocks turned off.

According to the Road Runners Club of America, here are tips to stay safe in warm temperatures. First, pre-hydrate. Drink 10 to 15 ounces of fluid 15 minutes before running and drink every 20 to 30 minutes along the route. Second, run in the shade whenever possible. Third, wear light colored, breathable clothing. Do not wear long sleeves or long pants. Fourth, take it easy. If you feel dizzy along the way, stop and take a drink. Medical personnel are stationed along the course for immediate treatment if required.

Don't worry, I'm still running.....maybe just a little slower than planned just to be safe.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! Have a great race.

  2. Have a great day!

    Yes, slow down a touch (esp with that beast of a hill!)
    A good race to build endurance for next time...

  3. That's wild. The deferrment bug is going around. This time tomorrow it will be just a sweet memory and accomplishment.

  4. Good luck! And take it slow if you need to so you can finish!

  5. Have a great run! Watch the heat!

  6. Hope the run went well can't wait to read about it...

    As for the heat, this is from a race here in Cape Town last year... 'By 09:30 it was 41⁰C on the route. At 12:00 it was 43⁰C on the route. This is probably the worst heat that you have run a race in and hopefully the worst you will ever run in.'

    so don't complain about the heat!

  7. Anyone hear from Jeff? do we need to go peel him off the cinci pavement?

  8. Hi Guys - I'm still alive. Just posted my review. Took today off work and pretty much worked on it all day. Yes, I have no life!