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Jan 28, 2012

Treadmill season? NO!

Cross Training on the schedule today.  I did 10 miles on the exercise bike and also lifted weights as well.  If any of you received the latest Runner's World, they talk about muscle and aging and how you need to do more weights after 40.  Considering I never lifted weights before I was 40, this should be an easy task for me.  Frankly, though, I hate lifting weights and only do it once a week but know that I should probably do it more.


Do you have a treadmill season?  It's funny because I read many other blogs and follow many people on DM and some seem to get on the mill if there's a mist in the air.  Haha!  Seriously though, I've made an extra effort to NOT run on the treadmill.  I know there will be some days but my last day on the mill was March 24th, 2011.  I know many have not run on the mill for years - see Coach Dion for that!

I think most of you from the midwest would agree that this winter, so far, has been an unbelievable winter to run outside.  The weather has really be fantastic - little snow, little rain - so that has helped keep me outside but I have been so accustomed to running outside in any weather that I can't see to brave the treadmill anymore.  No way could I do what EMZ does on her's - I'd kill myself!

Speaking of treadmills, has anyone ever tried an Alter-G treamill?  This thing apparently helps you still run when you are recovering from an injury or to get in loads of miles.  I've not tried one but I would love to see what it's like.  Since I'm neither injured or run high miles, I'd probably only use to just to see what it's like.

So where'd you run today?

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. It works. :-)

    I avoid the treadmill when I can, but am starting to tolerate it. Have a cheapy one at home now, which comes in handy when I get home from work late, when I can't leave the kiddies, or when gym closes (way too) early on weekends.

    I have done a lot of running outside in Jan. (including today), more than Nov. Or Dec.

  2. We were at Stony Creek looking for you!

  3. Up until April or so, I'd use an indoor track at the gym if I didn't like the weather. It's only 1/10th of a mile around, so as I upped my mileage I think it started to bug my IT band from rounding the curves so many times. Once I realized that, I switched to the treadmill. I have a hard time getting through more than about 6 miles on it though. In the winter I'm super paranoid about slipping, so sometimes I opt for the treadmill. I usually hit the gym at least twice a week, so sometimes I just hop on the treadmill for speed work or whatever after weights rather than gear up for a cold run. I wasn't thrilled with the snow blowing in my face for most of the run, but survived a run at Stony this morning.

  4. No treadmill for me either, though sometimes I wish I had one, instead I just layer up and head out. We really have been lucky this winter, especially compared to last year!

  5. No treadmill here...rather tie myself face down on an anthill. This winter has been great so far...even across the lake :) Although the wind this morning bit the big one.

  6. I am dying to get on an alter-G. I haven't run since October because of an injury and my doc said I could start to run a little, but only on one of these bad boys. Unfortunately the only place I've found in the city that has one is a PT office that doesn't take my insurance and charges like $70 for a half hour. Major fail.

  7. Yea! The non treadmill users are in the majority today!

  8. I'll shift to the treadmill if the knee starts bothering me. It takes some of the pounding out of the run. You are correct though, it has been a great winter for running in Michigan. You missed the Freeze Your Franny 5K at Stoney today.

  9. Kirk - You might try the elliptical too. Sounds like it would be a fun race but with all the races offered, I have to pick and choose what I want. Can't do them all but wish that I could.