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Jan 20, 2012

A new low....

5 miles on the schedule today.....done!  Man, it's freaking cold outside!  I'm over my limit.  10 degrees is my limit and I usually run on the treadmill.  It was 5 degrees today.  I ran outside.  It's cold.  It's dark. But......I'm running!

I know most of you have seen this from MP3running(dot) com but thought I would share this.  Some interesting things to note in comparing myself:

1)  Average Men's age is 43.6; I'm almost average.  Jeez, I'm getting old.
2)  I'm in the majority when it comes to race distance - Love the half!  I ask myself why I signed up for two more marathons this year.  To prove I'm not average?  I never could be a one and done kind of runner.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to race any of my half mary's this year, just training runs.  Bummer.
3)  I spend more on clothes and running shoes than the average but rarely spent over $90 for shoes.  My average was probably $60(last years model typically) There is a pair of NB($100) that I'm considering but I just ordered a new pair of Saucony Ride 4's from Running Warehouse for about $70 and those are a current model.
4)  I started running to run for weight loss but kept doing it for fun.  Yea, I'm sick.

Running Music for a better running experience!

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. It is hard for me to figure out exactly how to calculate my "running" clothes. I spent a TON on tris. My shoes are above average, but I purchased fewer pairs as I am a tester for reebok, and get free shoes periodically, so I feel like when I do want to buy a pair of shoes, I get what I want, since a lot of the time I am not running in what I would pick. It is nice to have an awesome pair of shoes. I try to shop the deals still, but sometimes there aren't any out there when I need to get new ones. Halves are my fave to race too. I am smaller than average, in all metrics.

  2. Well, I am definitely taller and a bit younger than the average woman, but the rest is pretty accurate! I definitely spent over $100 on running gear. This was a really fun and interesting read- thanks!

  3. Who the heck runs in speedos???

    I think it's interesting how women are less extreme than the men about running distance - more in the 5K's through half marathons, but less in the under 3 miles and marathon. (What, no mention of ultras?)

  4. Well..I am 7 years older than the average woman. Does that make me above average? Yay for that!!!

  5. That is cold, I have kind of wussed out this week with the cold weather....much easier to do now that my marathon training is over and I was in recovery mode. Next week is back to the cold reality.

  6. You are nuts, but in a good way haha :) since it actually turned to winter in the past few weeks, I have been sticking to my treadmill...

    Question for ya. Do you use any kind of yaktrax on your shoes to help you not slip?

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