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Jan 11, 2012

Dailymile year end summary

3 miles on the schedule today.....done.


I just received my Dailymile 2011 year end summary.  Check it out:

Click to see a larger view
I knew the miles were there but I was not expecting to see 340 workouts.  That's only 25 days of not working out - Wow!  Actually it's probably more like 50 days because I did more than one workout in a day but still, I am amazed by this.

I'm pretty religious when it comes to tracking my workouts in Dailymile.

Do you use Daily Mile?  I really like the simplicity of it(especially when synced with Garmin) but I know some of you like to keep track of more stats.  If you don't use it, what do you use to track everything?  Or maybe you don't track anything?


As you all know, and are probably sick of hearing about it(you can admit it, I know), my first race this year is the Sham Rock 'n' Roll 10k race where I'm a race ambassador.  My job.....telling all you people about this upcoming race that you should not miss if you live in Michigan.

What you didn't know though is that it will be my first race running with my Brother, my Aunt and now even my Dad will be participating.  My Dad's even started up his walking so he's ready to walk 3.1 miles at race time!!!  There's no backing out now Dad - you're signed up! Haha!  It should make for a really exciting and fun race.  Seriously, though, all runners in Michigan need to do this race!  Check my sidebar for more information and be sure to sign up before 1/15 to get the best price.

Have a great day and....Keep Running!!!!


  1. I also got one of those, but I only plugged into Dailymiles last week, so only the last couple of months were on Mr. Garmin.

    Now I really keep a log book, a little pocket diary, and I have then all the way back till 1986!!!

    I have excel spreets for total distance and all my races.

    I also log my runs on Attachpoint, garminconnect, Sportstrack, and garmin training centre!!!

    yes I'm mad...

  2. Wow, Coach Dion is 'old school'! Glad to hear you're spreading the news and getting your family involved. 51 pounds???????

  3. Awesome miles man!! You are killin that road!

  4. Nice job sir! I was happy with running about a quarter of the miles that you did in 2011. (Hopefully I'll be closer to half this year).

    Just started using Daily Mile. I haven't looked at all of its features, so I don't know if it can fully replace Garmin Connect for me. I am just syncing with both for now.

  5. That is awesome!! I just started using Daily mile in November, so I can't wait until next year to see the results.

  6. Great job! Your dedication seriously inspires me, you are hardcore! Thanks for the comment on my last post, it's nice to know someone's out there!!!

  7. Wow, that's a dedicated year! I do use Daily Mile, and I do like the simplicity of it, but I also use and Garmin Connect because they store different data.