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Jan 24, 2012

Love UPS deliveries!!!

6 miles on the schedule today....... oops, only did 5 and winter is back! We had almost 50 degree weather yesterday. Crazy!  Back to 30's.  I was on auto pilot this morning and did my regular 5 mile route.  I guess I'll just add a mile on tomorrow's run.
Yesterday I got a couple Running Warehouse packages in the mail.  I ordered a new pair of shoes - Saucony Ride 4's.  They are SO comfortable and lighter than the Ride 2's & 3's I have been wearing. These are 10.9 oz-I know much heavier than many shoes today but I'm not fully into the minimal craze yet and I love the feel of these.  I have some minimal shoes but just cannot wear them full time.  Perhaps if Saucony comes out with an 8mm drop for the Ride, I would probably try them.  Take a look:

I decided to get a different color this time and I really like them. They are the ViZipro orange but my wife says they look pink.  I disagree.  They match my 1BandID and Garmin!
Saucony still continues to be my "go to" shoes for running.  I have tried many other brands but still keep coming back to them.

I also ordered a pair of CEP Compression sleeve for my calves.  I can't wait to try these out after my long run this weekend.  First impressions? Now these are compression sleeves!!!!  Nice and tight on my legs but not too tight.  I may even run with them to see how that goes.  Look for a complete review in the next month.
Running Warehouse also offered some warming sleeves with my order for only $5 so I figured I would try them out. They are made by Fitsok. I have a pair of their socks and they are super comfortable. The sleeves are also comfortable and should keep me warm.
In addition to this, I also got a great deal on a UnderArmour Coldgear mock turtleneck shirt.  If any of you wear these, you know that they rarelynever go on sale.  I picked this up for $30 with the Facebook discount and their sale and it's normal $50 so I was really happy with that.  They are still on sale if you are interested.

All this new stuff.... I'm convinced this will make be a better runner... Yeah, right!

How about you? What have you got new for running? Don't you just love when packages come to the door for you?

Have a great day and.....keep running!!!!


  1. I love when the UPS man drops by with gifts.

    I got a new pair of Brooks Addictions a couple of weeks ago but I am not real happy with them right now.

  2. You need to share how those compression sleeves work out for you. I am very curious about them and very tempted - just not $40 tempted.

    Underarmour mock turtlenecks are always just a little too tight around the neck for me. As Mitch Hedberg would say, it feels like I'm being strangled by someone really weak. Nike seems to work better for my thick neck.

  3. I love when my RW packages arrive!

  4. I consiously try to keep my running gear expenditures low. It is VERy easy to spend tons of money on running stuff. I will say that i absolutly love my NBX Windblocker Jacket from New Balance. That thing keeps me warm and toasty on the cold winter runs.

  5. Awesome! You racked up on RW deals!! :0) I agree...the shoes match the Garmin!

  6. Running Warehouse is probably one of the best websites e er! Such good deals! Enjoy the new gear!